Understand the impact of Delta Máquinas Têxteis solutions in the sector

Understand the impact of Delta Máquinas Têxteis solutions in the sector

Delta solutions are developed with the aim of improving textile industry operations. They instigate continuous improvement and process improvement through automation and innovation.

To learn more about its impacts, continue reading. In this text we have gathered some of the main examples of influence and positive effects caused by our solutions.

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Discover the evolution of the sector through Delta solutions!

There have been more than 16 years of revolution caused by Delta solutions. They contribute to the performance and evolution of the textile sector because, throughout this time, we have been concerned with going beyond the development of textile machines.

Our main objective as a company operating in the textile sector is to contribute to the progress of the entire industry. This is because we believe that advancement is only possible thanks to innovation and each step taken towards Industry 4.0 textile.

Therefore, we want to raise the quality and efficiency of textile technology to contribute to the generation of new sustainable and prosperous businesses. It’s that simple! If a company grows, the entire sector evolves with it!

We are a company made up of restless professionals who cannot settle with the basics and what has already been done. We always want to explore more in search of continuous improvement and the creation of a textile industry that is a reference throughout the world.

We build a new future for the textile sector based on Delta solutions! We achieve this with efficient management that promotes automation, consultancy and optimizations throughout the production cycle of our market.

And that’s why today we are recognized for innovating! We combine information technology with textile machines, processes and management tools to generate the best results.

Our machines not only help with your numbers, optimizing the entire production chain, but they also contribute to improving the economic perception of the sector. It is through increasing competitiveness and the quality of deliveries that we will, together, make our market one of the most important for the Brazilian and world economy.

To explain in more detail the impacts of Delta solutions on the sector, we have separated three examples of our main moments during these 16 years in the textile sector. Check it out!

Why not perform a fabric review?

The fabric review process was not very common in the textile sector. Many companies purchased their parts without checking the quality of the product and its finish.

This caused problems during spreading. In other words, when the fabric was opened and stacked in layers, to cut and make patterns, errors were found in its dimensions.

Consequently, the wrong dimensioning generated great waste and increased costs for industries. It was with this in mind that the Reviewer was developed.

The objective was to create a solution that could inspect and guarantee the sizing of meshes, standardizing and automating this process.

Today, we offer different models of Revising Machines, such as Non-Stop (RNS170), Mesh and Fabric (REV170), Tubular (REV550), Flat Fabric (REV 110) and Mesh and Flat Fabric (REV450).

Here it is worth making an honorable mention to the newest version of the REV170 Reviewer. Now she will have an artificial intelligence responsible for inspecting tissue defects.

With this cutting-edge technology, we have managed to reach the top of automation in fabric inspection. Thus, our solution will contribute to quality control with more assertiveness.

It will play the role of the operator, replacing him. This is because the camera itself inspects and points out the necessary information regarding the processes in the software, which may or may not be integrated into the company’s ERP.

This is a revolution for the textile market that will be launched at the ITMA 2023 international fair, in Milan, Italy!

For this stage, we also developed the Relaxer of Mesh and Fabric (RLX600). It also helps eliminate dimensional defects in cut pieces, providing even more assertiveness to this process.

Both Delta solutions contribute to data collection and management guided by real information. Furthermore, they increase productivity and packaging quality through automation and standardization.

It’s high time to replace household machines!


Another good example of a process that showed improvements after the development of Delta solutions also refers to fabric quality inspection.

Many textile industries still wash and dry items – with the aim of carrying out shrinkage tests – with the help of domestic machines. The problem lies in the time in which this process was carried out. After all, domestic equipment was not developed with the intention of supporting a large number of parts, as happens in the textile industry.

Today, with the Sample Washer from Delta, a process that would take, on average, 3 hours, can take around 15 minutes. The solution has washing, spinning and drying cycles, as well as determining the percentage of shrinkage and twisting. All this makes it easier to monitor the production process, generating higher quality in the end product.

However, it also offers gains in water, energy and raw material consumption. And this promotes not only greater optimization and productivity, but also a high return on investment.

Textile Stenter: the only Brazilian solution!

Finally, we cannot fail to mention Delta Máquinas Têxteis’ newest innovation: Textile Stenter! We launched this solution during Febratex 2022.

We are the only Brazilian brand to supply this machine! It is applicable to the preparation and finishing of textile articles. That is, the machine allows several stages of production to be carried out, from preparation to finishing of the fabrics. All in one device!

Therefore, it can reach 50 meters in length, automating a series of processes. However, it can be purchased in modules.

The Textile Stenter promotes optimization of dimensional stability, touch, grammage and quality of parts. All this safely! After all, the machine follows the requirements of NR12.

According to our CEO, Fábio Kreutzfeld, in recent years the industry has opted to import machines from Europe or Asia. Visualizing this scenario, we decided to move forward with our national solution which, in addition to being aligned with the technological particularities and needs of the continent’s textile industry, also brings the advantage of proximity to our team of experts, providing proactive support to integrate technology, processes and people in the customer’s production routine

Count on Delta Máquinas Têxteis’ expertise!

We are looking to transform the national and international textile sector! Therefore, Delta solutions aim to generate data, eliminate waste, reduce costs, promote safety, in addition to ensuring productivity and high quality results.

We are a company guided by Industry 4.0. Our intention with this is to offer textile machines, automation and consultancy in a way that truly contributes, to the evolution of the textile sector.

We provide the most modern and innovative in the National and International Textile Industry. To do this, we evaluate the main pains and needs of the sector, aiming to always present a new way of thinking about industrial production.

Delta solutions arrive to question old and outdated operating models. These are their impacts and legacies! With it, production levels increase, generating quality.

And to add to that, we also offer consultancy on the production cycle of our customers. The objective is to help find faults and solve them, thus eliminating major problems in textile processes.

So be part of this movement and help us build an increasingly relevant, modern and innovative sector. Speak to one of our consultants now to understand how we can start this partnership.

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