Sustainability in the fashion industry: what is the role of innovation?

Sustentabilidade na indústria da moda: 3 exemplos de tecnologias

Brands are increasingly being pressured to take on more conscious roles in society. Sustainability in the fashion industry, which is no longer new, is now a topic that is even more talked about and demanded by consumers. With this in mind, many companies have already started to adapt and, to do so, have used technology […]

How to increase the production capacity of your industry?

Production capacity of the textile industry

The productive capacity of the textile industry concerns a possible number of production volume, always considering the main resources. This is important data for improving processes and activities to promote efficiency. Do you want to know how to expand your textile production capacity? So keep reading to check out the main tips! Why know and […]

How to guarantee the reduction of waste in the textile chain?

textile chain

Waste is the biggest problem of an inefficient textile chain. Promoting productivity, agility and optimization in each activity and phase is essential to avoid waste, lost time and additional costs. To achieve this, it is necessary to invest in technology and intelligent solutions. Want to know more about the subject? So continue reading to see […]

Find out what types of industrial maintenance are

types of industrial maintenance - types of industrial maintenance

Knowing how to identify and apply types of industrial maintenance helps promote greater savings, productivity and time optimization. Understanding how they work is essential to develop strategies that aim to eliminate losses and prolonged periods of inactivity. In this article, we list the main types of textile maintenance and their characteristics, as well as tips […]

Discover the trends in the textile sector for 2023

Textile sector trends

The trends in the textile sector for next year can be summarized in three words: sustainability, technology and well-being. Knowing them is essential to build good budget planning for next year, and start investing in innovative solutions. To help you ensure market prominence, we have listed the main trends in the textile industry for 2023. […]

Delta invests in the foreign textile market – check out the details!

After two challenging years, the foreign textile market is regaining momentum. In January 2022, Colombiatex, one of the largest textile fairs in Latin America, resumed its in-person schedule. And this recovery also brought Delta a strengthening of the brand’s presence in other countries. Check out our action plans for the foreign textile market here. Our […]

What is the difference between Hydro Sprinkler Station x Hydro Sprinkler

Hydro sprinkler

Our equipment is developed with performance and high productivity in mind for the textile industry. Each of them performs efficiently and effectively whether they are together or not. We also think about the high performance of our products being together, a Examples are the Hydro Sprinkler Station and the Hydro Sprinkler. The Hydro Sprinkler Station […]

Common manufacturing problems

Problems in manufacturing

A considerable portion of manufacturing problems are caused by inadequate attempts to compete with competitors and save money in the wrong way. It is also common to identify production bottlenecks that affect financial and quality management. Among so many challenges and difficulties, we selected the most common errors and problems in a textile industry. Check […]