How to increase textile productivity?

The raw material is well known in the textile segment, as it is an essential part of the finishing process. It basically consists of a conveyor chain that runs on the widening rail, as well as a heated oven to dry and provide heat treatment. Used in flat fabrics, knits or non-woven fabrics, it works […]

Sustainable production: reducing costs and gaining productivity

Sustainable production

The adoption of measures that minimize environmental impacts within the production process is called sustainable production. It does not reverse existing problems, but prevents them from worsening, reducing health risks and causing positive economic and social effects. The textile industry has traditionally been one of those that causes damage to the environment. For this reason, […]

How to obtain the benefits of production standardization in clothing?

There are several benefits to standardizing production in manufacturing. Among them are error reductions, which can reduce rework, production of second-quality parts and even customer dissatisfaction, in addition to increasing profit margin, productivity, cost reduction and much more. Companies need these benefits to remain and gain more market share and, therefore, they need to always […]

Textile Private Label: how to maintain productivity?

private label

The private label business model means great growth potential for factories, as the volume of orders and the reputation of large department stores are a valuable opportunity to increase the company’s profitability. However, precisely because it provides important competitive advantages, this is not an easy business to maintain. Fierce competition for the shelves of major […]