6 myths and truths about mesh relaxation

6 mitos e verdades sobre relaxamento de malha

The mesh relaxation process is very important to define the width and length of the fabric. As technology evolves, the relaxation process is improved, which raises some doubts and gives rise to myths related to this process. In this article we separate 6 of them. Check it out!   All meshes can be relaxed MYTH […]

Fast fashion as a retail strategy

Fast fashion as a retail strategy

Fast fashion is an excellent strategy for retailers who want to stand out in the market and ensure profitability. It allows for a wide variety of products that adapt to the main trends in the sector, attracting new consumers. Are you curious? So, continue reading to understand more about the concept and access tips on […]

Digital and conventional printing: main differences

digital and conventional printing main differences

There are some differences between digital and conventional printing. They are related to the impacts on the productivity, profitability and socio-environmental responsibility of the textile industries. The important thing is to know these characteristics to understand which of the two techniques is the most advantageous for your business. Therefore, below, we compare both with the […]

Learn what fabrics are used for sublimation

fabrics for sublimation

It’s normal for doubts to arise about fabrics for sublimation. After all, not all of them are suitable for this process due to the difficulty of ink absorption. Hence, the most suitable ones are those that react better to steam and heat, as well as sublimation ink. To understand more about the subject and get […]

Fast Fashion: what are the impacts on textile production?

Fast fashion

The concept of fast fashion is somewhat controversial. On one hand, companies invest in full force and claim that this is the future of fashion. While, on the other, there are those who do not enjoy the idea because of some negative points. These, in turn, are directly related to sustainability. To understand more about […]

Textile production chain: how does it work?

textile production chain

As it is broad and extremely complete, it is normal for certain doubts to arise about the textile production chain. Mainly regarding the functioning and the links present in this network. With this in mind, we have gathered in this text the main information about the textile chain. Furthermore, we highlight some challenges and opportunities […]

Clothing manufacturing: 6 reasons to innovate!

Clothing making

Today, innovation is part of the clothing manufacturing industry! There is no longer room for resistance regarding technology investment. After all, they are capable of guaranteeing competitive advantages to the sector, contributing to the marketing evolution of the company. Do you want to understand more about the subject? So, below, find out what are the […]

How to have a sustainable brand in the textile industry?

Sustainable brand for the textile industry

The textile industry is one of the sectors that most affects the preservation of the environment. That’s why building a sustainable brand is so important ecologically and market-wise. Are you curious? So, continue reading to understand more about the subject and access tips on how to include sustainable actions in your industry. Why worry about […]

Textile sector: why do we need to adapt to Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 in the textile sector

The quest to improve company performance is essential for the success and survival of organizations in the textile sector. You should focus on equipment that can offer a significant increase in performance and, consequently, productivity. Automation, modularization and standardization of methods, processes, work routines and equipment operation have become crucial! To this end, organizations are […]