Sustainability in the fashion industry: what is the role of innovation?

Sustentabilidade na indústria da moda: 3 exemplos de tecnologias

Brands are increasingly being pressured to take on more conscious roles in society. Sustainability in the fashion industry, which is no longer new, is now a topic that is even more talked about and demanded by consumers. With this in mind, many companies have already started to adapt and, to do so, have used technology […]

Sustainable consumption and its impacts on the fashion industry

There is a lot of talk about sustainable consumption and good practices for the environment. However, do you know what this is about? Although the fashion industry has always been associated with negative impacts on the environment, many large corporations are adapting to this new consumer demand. To avoid losing space in the market, understand […]

Fashion industry and sustainable production

fashion industry

The fashion industry does not have a very favorable reputation when it comes to sustainability, as it is on the list of the most polluting activities in the world. Furthermore, the media has reported events that have become known as “the dirty secret”. The complaints are about the obscure custom of incinerating and destroying products […]

Upcycling: what it is and its impact on the future of production

Although it is not new, upcycling is a concept that has gained strength in recent years in the textile industry. One of the main reasons is environmental awareness and the renewal of the fashion universe. It can help reduce waste and improve production control and capacity. Want to understand the topic better? Check out the […]

Circular Economy: How Does It Apply to the Textile Sector?

Circular Economy: How Does It Apply to the Textile Sector?

If you’re interested in sustainability, know that a concept that has gained prominence in recent years is the circular economy. It goes beyond recycling and reusing discarded materials and brings about more impactful changes in consumption patterns and society as a whole, generating savings while preserving the environment. To better understand the topic and how […]

Waste in clothing: 4 ways to combat this problem

Textile machine in operation representing Waste in manufacturing.

Waste in manufacturing is very harmful and can have financial consequences for the industry. Taking into account the competitiveness of the market, avoiding it can be decisive for the organization to achieve success in its segment. Therefore, if you notice that there is waste during production processes, you need to devise strategies to combat the […]

Sustainability in manufacturing: an issue to be analyzed

Two people in a meeting discussing sustainability in textile manufacturing.

Working on the concept of sustainability in garment manufacturing is a necessity because, besides being crucial for the environment, it is also financially advantageous for the company. Contrary to what may be imagined, such actions are not complicated and even help increase productivity. Read on to better understand the subject!   The importance of sustainability […]