Delta textile machines: technology, efficiency and more productivity in the industry!

Delta textile machines

Investment in machinery for the textile industry has the main objective of improving production, optimizing processes and bringing more efficiency, resulting in increased profits for the industry..

In this sense, the Delta textile machines They offer efficiency, high quality processes, automation and new technologies, which reduce the margin of raw material loss, reduce failures and downtime and save time.

See in this article what differences and benefits Delta offers to your industry through modern and efficient machines. You will also see the impacts of maintaining an outdated machine and the importance of innovation and technology to correct productivity errors. Continue reading!

How to have less interference and more productivity?

Firstly, it is important to highlight that one of the main factors that harm productivity in the textile industry is machine downtime. When there is a need to stop equipment, the negative impact will certainly be felt in the financial sector.

Therefore, one of the first steps to have fewer stops and more productivity is to invest in new machines, which have the ideal resources to contribute to your production.

See some of the benefits of keeping your textile machines up to date:

  • Reduction of production problems;
  • Fewer failures;
  • Drop in the number of maintenance;
  • Process optimization;
  • Less waste;
  • Save time;
  • More security;
  • Between others.

What are the impacts of maintaining an outdated machine?

Therefore, we can understand that using outdated machines in the textile industry is an aspect that directly impacts productivity. By failing to invest in new machines, the industry deals with more failures, unforeseen events, unplanned downtime, increased maintenance costs, delivery bottlenecks, among other factors that will be felt in profitability.

It’s worth noting that in addition to productivity issues, industries must comply with safety and quality standards. For example, NR-12 is the regulation that governs these standards related to activities involving equipment to ensure safety.

Machines and equipment that do not comply with NR-12 can cause damage, losses, and compromise the safety of both processes and employees. Remembering that legislation requires machines and equipment to have NR12.

To address these issues, it’s important to know that the market offers highly innovative machines, such as Delta textile machines. We work in the development of solutions in equipment, automation and consultancy for textile processes.

With a highly qualified team and throughproduction cycle consultancy With a highly qualified team and through the consulting of the production cycle we offer, it’s possible to identify flaws and provide the best path to problem resolution with innovative machines. Thus, eliminating problems in textile processes.

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The importance of innovation and technology to correct productivity errors

technology to reduce productivity errors

Ainnovation It’s an essential factor in correcting productivity errors. With the advancement of technology, it’s possible to have more efficient machines and optimized processes.

Therefore, investing in technology is essential to not only correct errors in machines and textile processes but also to ensure high profitability.

In this regard, Delta’s solutions are developed considering the technical requirements of each stage of the textile process. Thus, each machine meets a specific demand for the customer’s process or product.

Here are some data related to the efficiency, reduction in material consumption, and increase in productivity of Delta textile machines:

Reductions provided by Delta Textile Machines:

  • Up to 50% reduction in plastic consumption for roll packaging;
  • Up to 80% reduction in water consumption for shrinkage testing;
  • Up to 80% reduction in fabric consumption for shrinkage testing;
  • Up to 90% reduction in relaxation time for fabric spreading.

Benefits of each equipment:

Roller sills:

  • Reduce plastic consumption by up to 50%;
  • Increase production volume by up to 50%.

Sample washers:

  • Reduce 80% of the water volume for testing;
  • Reduces 80% of the amount of tissue for sample;
  • Reduces 90% of process time.


  • Reduces process time by 90%;
  • Eliminates 99% of reprocessing.


  • Increase production by 30%;
  • Reduce operational errors by 80%;
  • Reduce 70% of operational activities.

In addition to these benefits, Delta solutions deliver on average between 30 and 50% more results for the textile process through innovation and automation. The integration of systems, processes, machines and people standardizes production efficiency and guarantees the competitiveness of the textile industry. Furthermore, our products are made to remain safe and comply with NR12.

The big difference is the integration of data from our machines with the customer’s management system and vice versa. In addition to our remote technical assistance, where we can diagnose defects and guide customers via internet connection, reducing machine downtime due to maintenance. This adds up to several benefits for updating machines and improving production processes, operating in the Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing, Printing and Clothing sectors.

How does it work in practice?

We know that time is money and that investing in technology helps gain productivity.

To demonstrate this in practice, let’s use the case of Urbano Textile, a successful example of how Delta textile machines can transform the results of an industry.

Present in the market for over 14 years and always keeping up with the main needs of the textile industry, Urbano invested in the Delta Sample Washer to optimize its production.

Before obtaining the machine, they had some needs such as:

  • Optimizing raw material and energy costs;
  • Improving process time;
  • Standardizing production;
  • Making more assertive use of labor and test productivity.

Before automating the testing process, Urbano used domestic machines and spent about four hours separating fabric samples, washing, and drying them.

Then, they underwent drying in a Tambler machine, where they remained for another 1 hour and 30 minutes. Besides the time, the process was impacted by contradictory results.

The solution found by the team at Delta Textile Machines fwas the implementation of theSample Washer, which reduced the test time from four hours to fifteen minutes. Thus, besides the faster process, there was a 75% reduction in raw material consumption and 12% in electricity consumption.

And then?

Now that you know all the benefits and results obtained by investing in technology and innovation, it’s your turn to transform your industry.

Through the specialized Delta team and the evaluation of your textile processes, it is possible to guarantee greater productivity and profitability.

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