How to have a sustainable brand in the textile industry?

Sustainable brand for the textile industry

The textile industry is one of the sectors that most affects the preservation of the environment. That’s why building a sustainable brand is so important ecologically and market-wise. Are you curious? So, continue reading to understand more about the subject and access tips on how to include sustainable actions in your industry. Why worry about […]

The fashion industry and the environment need to go hand in hand!

Fashion industry and the environment

The fashion industry and the environment are subjects that seem distant, but are increasingly closer today. This is because the market and consumers’ concern with conscious consumption only increases in all sectors, including textiles. Therefore, it is important to review processes and strategies to minimize environmental impacts and create sustainable solutions that meet demands. If […]

Is the future of fashion sustainable?

The textile industry is considered one of the main villains when it comes to the environment. This happens mainly because of the production processes and also because of the high production that occurs in the world. However, the perspective is that this scenario will be reversed, with sustainable fashion and an increasingly conscious market. The […]