Clothing manufacturing: 6 reasons to innovate!

Clothing making

Today, innovation is part of the clothing manufacturing industry! There is no longer room for resistance regarding technology investment. After all, they are capable of guaranteeing competitive advantages to the sector, contributing to the marketing evolution of the company. Do you want to understand more about the subject? So, below, find out what are the […]

How to use innovation and technology to solve clothing and clothing problems

Innovation and technology are essential for problem solving, as equipment and solutions are produced focused on increasingly optimizing the production process. In 2006, the European counterpart committee (Euratex) stated that it is necessary for the sector to survive in the so-called “knowledge economy”. Since then, many more advanced and evolved processes have been produced. Industry […]

Clothing: how process innovation can reduce costs

Here at Delta, we always reinforce the need for textile industries to modernize production and invest in innovation in manufacturing processes. There is no longer room for backward companies, with outdated and inefficient procedures and equipment. This scenario intensifies even more in times of recession, like the one we are experiencing due to the coronavirus […]