Why use a sample washer instead of household machines?

Why use sample washers instead of household machines?

The Sample Washer is a solution developed to carry out fabric shrinkage tests. Unlike domestic machines, it is able to meet the high demand for textiles and also contribute to production efficiency.

Are you curious? Read on to see the main gains generated by the machine, based on real success stories!

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Sample Washer
comes onto the market with the aim of replacing an unproductive practice that is still very common in the textile sector. Unfortunately, domestic machines are still used in the washing and drying processes for shrinkage tests.

For the whole industry to evolve, greater investment is needed in
and modern solutions. There’s no way of continuing to use machines that weren’t developed to support textile demand. This leads to delays and a lack of quality.

We understood that this was a way of carrying out this process when there were no specialized solutions for this stage. However, there is now a Delta machine that collaborates with the quality inspection of fabrics.

The Sample Washer
has washing, spinning and drying cycles, as well as determining the percentage of shrinkage and twisting. All this makes it easier to monitor the production process, generating higher quality in the end product.

It is an intelligent solution that speeds up the response in the laboratory and assesses the percentage of fabric shrinkage. What’s more, it contributes to one of the sector’s biggest problems, which is maintaining the size of the part, avoiding losses and
reducing costs

To find out more about this machine, watch the video below:

In a market where there are more than 22,500 formal production units across the country, according to
not investing in technological solutions is tantamount to being left behind.

So there’s no excuse not to replace your household machines with textile sample washers once and for all.

To demonstrate the practical impact of this Delta solution, we have listed its benefits below, based on our main success stories. Check it out!

1 Time optimization

Time optimization is one of the main benefits of the Delta Sample Washer. With the help of automation, it contributes to the
of the method for assessing dimensional alterations, thus speeding up the release of batches.

So what used to take an average of 3 hours can now take just 20 minutes!

The retail giant,
, opted to replace the domestic machines with the Sample Washer to carry out the dimensional inspection. Today the process takes just 14 minutes!

We chose the solution because it increases productivity, given the high volume of parts received and tested at our Havan Distribution Center (CDH).
“, says Juliana Nunes, Havan’s product manager.

one of Brazil’s leading textile companies, with verticalized production and more than 20,000 orders delivered every month, turned to Delta to ensure better use of resources and increased productivity.

Today, with the Sample Washer, the inspection process takes 15 minutes. “All this in hot water, with a more severe process than the home test, which gives us more accurate data on the percentage of shrinkage of the mesh, for example“, says Larysse Almeida, head of the company’s Quality department.

With it, up to 5 fabrics are tested at the same time, generating
on the shrinkage percentage of each. This consequently helps with efficiency and assertiveness in the production of parts.

2 Saving raw materials

Delta textile machine: saving raw materials

Textile samples are also put to better use, generating savings. This is because, with the Washer, it is possible to reduce by up to 75% the
of material!

For example, Objeto Brasil, which is a textile industry that also operates as a private label, producing on a large scale for Renner, Pernambucanas and Marisa, has managed to guarantee a monthly reduction in knitwear consumption. The savings were more than R$15,000.00!

According to Fábio Kreutzfeld, managing partner of Delta, “the main problem was the lack of productivity in trimming/cutting. The installed production capacity was double what it could actually produce. The monthly consumption of mesh to carry out the tests was also very high: around 660 kg“.

3 Saving energy and water

And it doesn’t stop there! The Delta Sample Washer also generates other important financial gains for companies.

If we use Havan again as an example, we can say that one of the major benefits for the retailer has been water savings. According to Juliana, the equipment is not only efficient but also intelligent, as it indicates the percentage of shrinkage of the fabric, making the process easier. “Another advantage is water savings, with up to 80% less water used.“.

Urbano Textil
another important textile industry that has opted for the Delta solution to promote automation and productivity, has managed to save 12% on electricity in this process.

4 Improved result quality

Last but definitely not least, the Sample Washer guarantees an improvement in the quality of the result. This is because it reduces the rate of reprocessing and guarantees high standards.

Through washing and drying cycles, the machine determines the shrinkage percentage of the fabric. This helps to monitor the production process, resulting in higher final product quality.

In other words, it helps to produce even better fabrics. In the shrinkage test, the equipment also allows the fabrics to be tested for twisting, helping to improve final production.

Still based on the case of Urbano Têxtil, the industry used to carry out the process as follows: the roll of each batch was opened on the table to cut off the end and produce a sample. The textile samples collected were then washed in a domestic machine for 45 minutes.

Then, after the washing cycle, the samples were dried in a tambler machine for approximately 1.5 hours.

This delay not only leads to unproductivity, but also to dubious and very contradictory results. This often led the team to repeat the procedure to check the results.

Objeto Brasil experienced the same problem. According to Delta’s CEO, Fábio Kreutzfeld, the lack of qualification of the industry’s raw materials, with the use of domestic machines, led to constant interference in the processes, increasing the number of reworks.

We can therefore say that investing in a sample washer generates a high return and also contributes to the profitability and financial health of the industry.

Bet on the Delta Sample Washer now and guarantee automation and savings!

As we’ve seen throughout the text, domestic machines need to be replaced by the Sample Washer if you want to guarantee better results for your textile industry.

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