Cost reduction: learn how to practice in the textile industry

cost reduction

In an increasingly competitive scenario, it is important to practice cost reduction, as this action directly affects the company’s profit. Therefore, this text will address the need to think about this strategy, as well as practices and tips on how to achieve this objective. Continue reading! The importance of practicing cost reduction in the textile […]

Production process: 5 most common mistakes in manufacturing

production process

An efficient production process is essential for manufacturing, after all, the more productivity, quality and agility it has, the more profit will be obtained. Many companies still suffer from some problems for which solutions already exist. In this article we list 5 of them and will indicate how to solve them. Continue reading and find […]

What is the difference between Hydro Sprinkler Station x Hydro Sprinkler

Hydro sprinkler

Our equipment is developed with performance and high productivity in mind for the textile industry. Each of them performs efficiently and effectively whether they are together or not. We also think about the high performance of our products being together, a Examples are the Hydro Sprinkler Station and the Hydro Sprinkler. The Hydro Sprinkler Station […]

How much does fabric yield impact costs?

Fabric yield

Does your manufacturing company have control over fabric yield? Although not always monitored, this information has a major impact on costs, as waste is one of the main problems within the textile industry and knowing the yield prevents this waste from occurring. By knowing data on fabric yields, it is possible to devise strategies that […]

Advanced manufacturing: what it is and who is already using it

advanced manufacturing

Have you ever heard of advanced manufacturing? The term refers to Industry 4.0, which is characterized by remote production controls, which are carried out through sensors and equipment connected in a network. Although many believe that this concept is far from being implemented, in reality it is already applicable and has been tested in the […]

What sets Delta’s textile sample washer apart?

Textile Sample Washer

If you are thinking about upgrading your industry’s machinery, including Delta’s Textile Sample Washer is an excellent opportunity to increase productivity and optimize input analysis for more efficient quality control. Carrying out efficient tests to check the shrinkage and quality of fabrics prevents future problems and helps to improve the final quality of the product. […]

How to automate production: steps and benefits

When we talk about automating production, we are referring to optimizing the management of time and raw materials used, resulting in lower costs and more efficiency. To achieve this, activities previously carried out by humans are carried out by machines and systems are integrated. In industry, these technological innovations are so remarkable that they are […]

Why investing in machinery can reduce costs in the textile industry?

reduce costs in the textile industry

Reducing costs in the textile industry can be the difference between achieving success and profitability with the company or creating bottlenecks that hinder its operation and business sustainability. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to manage production costs aiming for increased profitability. In some cases, investing in machinery may be the best way to […]