Textile sector: why do we need to adapt to Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 in the textile sector

The quest to improve company performance is essential for the success and survival of organizations in the textile sector. You should focus on equipment that can offer a significant increase in performance and, consequently, productivity. Automation, modularization and standardization of methods, processes, work routines and equipment operation have become crucial! To this end, organizations are […]

5 advantages of a national textile technology supplier

Many times, industries opt for international partners instead of a national supplier. This happens because they believe that the manufacturing machines are more modern and the costs will be lower. However, the reality is not quite like that. In addition to negotiating values, the cost of exporting, fees, brokers and other processes when choosing external […]

Advanced manufacturing: what it is and who is already using it

advanced manufacturing

Have you ever heard of advanced manufacturing? The term refers to Industry 4.0, which is characterized by remote production controls, which are carried out through sensors and equipment connected in a network. Although many believe that this concept is far from being implemented, in reality it is already applicable and has been tested in the […]

Mass customization: what it is and its impacts on the fashion industry

Mass Customization

If you don’t already offer mass customization in your clothing, it’s time to start thinking about it. Mass customization is already a reality that is being used as a strategy to anticipate consumer needs and stand out from competitors. In this article you will understand how it works and its impacts on the textile industry. […]

How to optimize preparation for packaging in the fashion industry?

Originally posted on 6/2/2018 – Updated on 4/11/2019 It may seem like bundling is something simple, as it consists of placing the fabric in layers to make the cut. However, this stage of preparation for wrapping is very important so that cutting and sewing are done properly. In this article we will talk about preparing […]

Clothing in Industry 4.0: What is the real productive gain?

Image of an automatic relaxer in a Clothing Factory in Industry 4.0

Have you heard about the advantages obtained through the entry of garment manufacturing into Industry 4.0? The textile industry has evolved significantly in recent years, and automated processes have already benefited several companies. With it, it’s possible to optimize processes, increase productivity, and even avoid waste. Want to know how? Continue reading the article and […]

Textile Industry 4.0: controlling quality in the era of advanced manufacturing

With signs of resumption of production, clothing companies confuse the process loss with process error, and a very large volume of raw materials is wasted due to lack of information about Industry 4.0. In general, companies are only concerned with the measurements of the finished/sewn pieces, but they do not analyze the root cause of […]