Delta Máquinas’ relationship action values local quality during Febratex 2022

Delta Relationship Actions

The company, which is headquartered in Pomerode (SC) and specializes in automation solutions for textile industry production, created an initiative that showcases the tradition, quality and variety of the local economy. Customers will receive a basket of products with textile and gastronomic items made in the region Nationally recognized as a tourist destination that values […]

Delta Máquinas launches new sublimation machine at FuturePrint 2022, in São Paulo

Delta Máquinas FuturePrint

Delta Máquinas was present at FuturePrint, one of the largest fairs in the digital printing and visual communication segment for the screen printing, sign and textile markets. There were more than 40 thousand visitors, more than 600 exhibiting brands and 30 thousand square meters of exhibition. FuturePrint is a great showcase for exhibitors, who can […]

Textile machines at Colombiatex: Delta’s presence abroad

In addition to being the fourth largest producer of knitwear and second largest textile employer in the world, according to Abit, Brazil is also a reference in solutions for this sector. Our textile machines, for example, are recognized for the quality and practicality that they bring to the fashion industry. And in January, we were […]

Febratex audience recognizes Delta as a promoter of innovation in the textile sector


Delta Equipamentos’ participation in the 16th edition of Febratex – the largest textile industry fair in the Americas – exceeded expectations. In our 6th edition and 10th year at the event, we received visits from decision-makers and customers, who in common revealed to us their satisfaction in using or getting to know our equipment and […]

We participated in the biggest event in the textile sector in Argentina

A Delta Máquinas Têxteis was present at the biggest event in the textile sector in Argentina, Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq are three simultaneous events that present suppliers from the textile industry, from spinning to clothing production. This link provides a precise view of the proposals and news that the market offers. For four days the […]

Delta at the Apparel Fair!

Delta Equipamentos will be exhibiting at the Apparel Fair, in yet another international fair, this time the participation is in the biggest event in the textile sector in Guatemala. The fair brings together the entire textile and clothing segment chain, which demonstrates the region’s capabilities and competitive advantages. The CAFTA-DR region offers high-quality clothing and […]

iConcept relaxer: featured at Expotextil Peru!

From October 20th to 23rd, Delta was present at Expotextil Peru and the highlight of the fair was the iConcept Relax Relaxer! Other products such as the iConcep Packing Automatic Wrapper and iConcept Smart Sample Washer are also enjoying great demand in the market, according to Delta’s commercial director Paulo Garbin. He talked a little […]