Fast fashion as a retail strategy

Fast fashion as a retail strategy

Fast fashion is an excellent strategy for retailers who want to stand out in the market and ensure profitability. It allows for a wide variety of products that adapt to the main trends in the sector, attracting new consumers. Are you curious? So, continue reading to understand more about the concept and access tips on […]

How to guarantee high performance and quality in spreading?


With technological developments in the textile industries, the spreading process was one of the most benefited steps. After all, today it is possible to optimize operations with the help of automation. In the era of industry 4.0, investing in digital resources is essential to increase the quality of the production process. The use of intelligent […]

Artificial intelligence in the textile industry: what to expect in the coming years?

Artificial intelligence in the textile industry: what to expect in the coming years?

Artificial Intelligence in the textile industry may seem like a very distant reality. However, now, more than ever, it is possible to count on the help of technology to promote more assertiveness, automation, productivity and quality to the market. Are you curious? So continue reading! In this content we bring together the main information about […]

Delta textile machines: technology, efficiency and more productivity in the industry!

Delta textile machines

Investment in machinery for the textile industry has the main objective of improving production, optimizing processes and bringing more efficiency, resulting in increased profits for the industry.. In this sense, the Delta textile machines They offer efficiency, high quality processes, automation and new technologies, which reduce the margin of raw material loss, reduce failures and […]

Reference in textile machinery, Delta celebrates 14 years

textile machines

One of the concerns of fashion industries is having quality textile machines. And for 14 years, finding solutions that combine high productivity with the best market practices has become easier: since it was founded, Delta Máquinas has been offering items that are increasingly in line with the textile production process. In April, the brand celebrated […]

7 Negative Impacts of Outdated Textile Machinery on the Industry!

Have you ever stopped to think about how efficient and modern textile machinery can make a difference in business? This is because obsolescence can negatively impact productivity, resulting in less profitability, especially in times of crisis. We ask this because today we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, and businesses that are not investing in […]

The fashion industry and the environment need to go hand in hand!

Fashion industry and the environment

The fashion industry and the environment are subjects that seem distant, but are increasingly closer today. This is because the market and consumers’ concern with conscious consumption only increases in all sectors, including textiles. Therefore, it is important to review processes and strategies to minimize environmental impacts and create sustainable solutions that meet demands. If […]

How can technology reduce rework in textile production?

In order to save money, many companies are reluctant to replace old equipment that still works. The fact is that, despite working, outdated machinery can often be hindering productivity and reducing profits, causing rework in production. To better understand how technology can solve this issue and how worthwhile it is, keep reading!   Increases the […]

How to use innovation and technology to solve clothing and clothing problems

Innovation and technology are essential for problem solving, as equipment and solutions are produced focused on increasingly optimizing the production process. In 2006, the European counterpart committee (Euratex) stated that it is necessary for the sector to survive in the so-called “knowledge economy”. Since then, many more advanced and evolved processes have been produced. Industry […]