Fast fashion as a retail strategy

Fast fashion as a retail strategy

Fast fashion is an excellent strategy for retailers who want to stand out in the market and ensure profitability. It allows for a wide variety of products that adapt to the main trends in the sector, attracting new consumers. Are you curious? So, continue reading to understand more about the concept and access tips on […]

Digital and conventional printing: main differences

digital and conventional printing main differences

There are some differences between digital and conventional printing. They are related to the impacts on the productivity, profitability and socio-environmental responsibility of the textile industries. The important thing is to know these characteristics to understand which of the two techniques is the most advantageous for your business. Therefore, below, we compare both with the […]

Textile production chain: how does it work?

textile production chain

As it is broad and extremely complete, it is normal for certain doubts to arise about the textile production chain. Mainly regarding the functioning and the links present in this network. With this in mind, we have gathered in this text the main information about the textile chain. Furthermore, we highlight some challenges and opportunities […]

How to improve the fabric review stage?

How to improve the tissue review stage

The fabric review stage is essential to promote the quality of the final product. In addition to ensuring productivity and cost reduction throughout the production chain. But, did you know that there is a way to improve this process even further? To understand how this practice can be optimized and automated, continue reading. We have […]

How can we speed up the packaging of articles at the processing stage?

How to generate more agility: the packaging of articles at the processing stage

The search for agility in the packaging of articles at the processing stage is still very common. This is because many businesses have not yet understood the importance of investing in textile technology and intelligent solutions. In this article, we’ve put together the main effects that failure to optimize this stage can have on your […]

Discover the advantages of the sublimation calender

Discover the advantages of the sublimation calender

The Sublimation Calender is one of Delta’s latest solutions for the finishing phase. It promotes productivity, optimization and automation. All this, while ensuring quality. To learn about its characteristics, differences and functionalities, continue reading. Here we have gathered the main information about the machine and the expertise that only Delta offers. Check it out! How […]

5 benefits of process standardization in the textile industry

5 benefits of process standardization in the textile industry

Process standardization is essential to eliminate unnecessary activities, reduce resource waste and ensure greater quality and profitability. Therefore, promoting this practice is essential to ensure the financial, operational and marketing health of your textile industry. Below we list 5 of the main benefits of process standardization to reinforce why you should invest in this tactic. […]

Discover the trends in the textile sector for 2023

Textile sector trends

The trends in the textile sector for next year can be summarized in three words: sustainability, technology and well-being. Knowing them is essential to build good budget planning for next year, and start investing in innovative solutions. To help you ensure market prominence, we have listed the main trends in the textile industry for 2023. […]

Weaving machines: relationship with quality control and optimization

Weaving machines

There are weaving machines that are capable of contributing to quality control and, consequently, to optimizing production. Investing in these solutions is the same as ensuring productivity, reducing costs and increasing competitive advantage. With this in mind, we list below the importance of these tools for the industrial weaving process, as well as some examples […]

Resource optimization: understand how to carry out this practice in the manufacturing stage

Resource optimization

Optimizing resources in the textile industry is essential to maintain the competitiveness of your business in the face of market changes. So, having high-quality technological equipment directly contributes to achieving this goal. Thinking specifically about the manufacturing stage, in this article we have gathered the advantages of optimizing resources, in addition to Delta’s textile machines […]