6 myths and truths about mesh relaxation

6 mitos e verdades sobre relaxamento de malha

The mesh relaxation process is very important to define the width and length of the fabric. As technology evolves, the relaxation process is improved, which raises some doubts and gives rise to myths related to this process. In this article we separate 6 of them. Check it out!   All meshes can be relaxed MYTH […]

Common errors in receiving and evaluating fabrics in manufacturing

tissue assessment

Does your clothing company carry out fabric evaluation as soon as it arrives at the company? This is one of the main attitudes that can help eliminate losses from low-quality raw materials. However, it is not enough to evaluate, you need to know what to analyze to be able to find problems before they become […]

What is fabric dimensional stability?

If you work in the textile industry you know how your production and process processes are influenced by the quality of the materials used. Therefore, it is important that you know the concept of fabric dimensional stability, as it influences the production and user experience. Problems with shrinkage, tears and contraction of fiber, seams and […]

Why does your production need a Delta Mesh Checker?

Still thinking about purchasing the Delta Mesh Reviewer? Know that taking the step of updating your machinery is something that requires urgency, as many companies in the sector are already investing in this strategy and the longer it takes, the more effort it will take to keep up with them. To put an end to […]

6 reasons to have a Delta Relaxer

Industry 4.0 is already arriving in Brazil and, with it, new solutions that simplify and optimize already known processes. Delta’s RLX600 Knit and Fabric Relaxer is one of these solutions. It works in the knitwear relaxation process, using technology to transform your production line and make your company stand out from the rest. Check out […]

Demand in excess: How to maintain textile productivity?

In the image you can see textile machinery working to maintain textile productivity.

Textile productivity involves maintaining quality control from the beginning to the end of the production process, which undoubtedly is one of the major challenges for clothing manufacturers. This type of management approach is a significant competitive advantage. Therefore, developing final products with consistent quality standards can mean success for a company’s business. However, it’s not […]

How to modernize quality control in garment manufacturing?

A person's hand testing the markings on the mesh with a ruler, the scene is part of the quality control in manufacturing carried out with Delta's sample washer.

Quality control in garment manufacturing is a set of procedures aimed at maintaining the standard, policies, and performance of the entire production process, from management and administration to product delivery. Therefore, it goes beyond just inspecting the pieces. Modernizing quality control in the textile industry is an essential step for those aiming to stay competitive […]

Mesh preparation: how does it work in manufacturing 4.0?

Mesh preparation

Updated on: 04/04/2019 Fabric preparation is a crucial step in textile quality control. Contrary to some beliefs, it starts much earlier than the final product manufacturing process. In fact, it’s essential right at the beginning of production, during the raw material selection phase. Before using a fabric roll, it’s important to identify potential defects such […]

How to Calculate Mesh Roll ROI

Mesh roll ROI is one of the most important results that can be obtained from textile quality control. Having accurate data on the Return on Investment (ROI) of the mesh roll ensures benefits such as identifying the best suppliers and standardizing textile production. In addition to the use of mesh rolls with a better quality […]

Textile quality control and mesh preparation

Textile quality control and mesh preparation

Textile quality control starts much earlier than the process of making the final product. Its implementation is essential at one of the extremes of production: the selection of raw materials. Before starting to use a mesh roll, it is important to identify possible defects, such as holes and flaws. Control allows you to eliminate waste, […]