6 reasons to have a Delta Relaxer

Industry 4.0 is already arriving in Brazil and, with it, new solutions that simplify and optimize already known processes. Delta’s RLX600 Knit and Fabric Relaxer is one of these solutions.

It works in the knitwear relaxation process, using technology to transform your production line and make your company stand out from the rest. Check out now 6 reasons why you need one of these in your clothing!


1. Speed ​​in the mesh relaxation process

Delta relaxer - Comparative conventional and innovative method

While conventional rest takes 24 to 48 hours to complete, with a Delta Knit and Fabric Relaxer the process takes just a few minutes. It also eliminates the use of several tables where the fabric was left to festoon, saving space in your production line.


2. Increased processing productivity with the Delta Relaxer

If the mesh relaxation process is carried out much faster, the quantity of parts produced in the same operating period tends to increase. As a result, the company’s ROI (Return on Investment) also grows.

Graphic illustration of the formula for calculating the return on investment in sustainability in manufacturing.
How to calculate return on investments.


3. Automation and standardization

Automation is one of the essential principles of Industry 4.0, which has been implemented for some time and some Brazilian companies are already benefiting from the advantages it provides. They usually include: agility in production, increased quality and the possibility of making parts available at more competitive prices.


The standardization that the Mesh Relaxer provides is an advantage, as it provides repeatability, predictability and, consequently, continuous improvement.


4. Improvement in the quality of the parts produced

By using a Knit and Fabric Relaxer, it is possible to avoid common failures and defects in manual processes. Furthermore, it can eliminate dimensional defects in cut pieces, provide more assertiveness in the fitting process and perform an efficient relaxation of the meshes that is immediate and from roll to roll.

Delta relaxer

All of these benefits directly or indirectly affect the quality of the parts produced.


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5. Data collection for better management

Have you ever imagined relaxing the meshes in a few minutes and at the same time obtaining stable usable area measurements and automated weight calculation? With the Delta Knit and Fabric Relaxer you can do it!

Person analyzing the data brought by the delta mesh relaxer.
Optimizing production management through data is a step towards industry 4.0.

The interactive process connected to the ERP stores data and helps carry out quality control, an essential process for industries. You can check the information in real time, through the panel, in addition to analyzing the progress of the relaxation and the speed at which it is being carried out.


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6. Makes it possible to get ahead of the competition

Anyone who wants to stand out and have efficient and up-to-date production must always be aware of market news and implement changes before competitors do. The current situation requires the modernization of production lines, especially in the textile industry.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is just beginning and whoever comes out ahead will be able to stand out. Those that do not adapt may be left behind, with the risk of becoming obsolete and even leaving the market.


Delta Relaxer - Budget


Purchasing the Mesh Relaxer is one of the first steps to taking your production one step further. Considering that it is an investment that has a good return and provides all the benefits mentioned above, purchasing it is the best decision.

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