How can we speed up the packaging of articles at the processing stage?

How to generate more agility: the packaging of articles at the processing stage

The search for agility in the packaging of articles at the processing stage is still very common. This is because many businesses have not yet understood the importance of investing in textile technology and intelligent solutions. In this article, we’ve put together the main effects that failure to optimize this stage can have on your […]

The impacts of Lean Manufacturing on the textile industry

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing in the textile industry focuses on ensuring lean and productive production. In an increasingly competitive scenario, investing in strategies and methodologies that contribute to the health of the business is essential to remain active in the market. Therefore, below we have gathered everything you need about this production model and good practices for […]

Textile processing: discover how it adds value to the final product

Textile processing aims to ennoble the fabrics that are used in industry. It has different phases and types of processes, each of which provides a different result. Previously done manually, processing is now increasingly automated, bringing even more benefits to those who invest in this process. Want to understand the topic better? Continue reading!   […]

How to increase textile productivity?

The raw material is well known in the textile segment, as it is an essential part of the finishing process. It basically consists of a conveyor chain that runs on the widening rail, as well as a heated oven to dry and provide heat treatment. Used in flat fabrics, knits or non-woven fabrics, it works […]

Waste in processing: how to avoid it?

Waste in processing

Waste in textile processing is responsible for important losses, such as time, raw materials, impacts on quality and even its image in the market. This is a stage that involves fundamental processes for your products and that interfere with other production stages. The exhaustion procedures, continuous and semi-continuous, have a primary influence on the results […]

Humidity control of textile articles with the Hydro Sprinkler Station

The technology assists in various processes in the textile industry, including controlling the humidity of textile articles. The equipment developed can be great allies in quality control, also helping with productivity, improving the quality of articles and reducing failures. An example is the humidity control of textile articles, which previously caused several problems for industries. […]

The importance of quality control in processing

Quality control in processing is a key process in the textile industry for several reasons. The benefits of working with modernized machines, equipment and strategies range from increasing the value of your product to reducing costs and increasing your competitiveness in the market. However, companies and managers face challenges when adopting work control and monitoring […]

Textile processing and problems with article packaging

There are many companies that need help in their textile processing process. Packaging products, right at the beginning of the production chain, can become a challenge when carried out manually or with outdated equipment. However, there are currently technologies that eliminate several problems at this stage, helping with productivity, reducing waste and increasing profits. Continue […]