Digital and conventional printing: main differences

digital and conventional printing main differences

There are some differences between digital and conventional printing. They are related to the impacts on the productivity, profitability and socio-environmental responsibility of the textile industries. The important thing is to know these characteristics to understand which of the two techniques is the most advantageous for your business. Therefore, below, we compare both with the […]

Learn what fabrics are used for sublimation

fabrics for sublimation

It’s normal for doubts to arise about fabrics for sublimation. After all, not all of them are suitable for this process due to the difficulty of ink absorption. Hence, the most suitable ones are those that react better to steam and heat, as well as sublimation ink. To understand more about the subject and get […]

How to guarantee high performance and quality in spreading?


With technological developments in the textile industries, the spreading process was one of the most benefited steps. After all, today it is possible to optimize operations with the help of automation. In the era of industry 4.0, investing in digital resources is essential to increase the quality of the production process. The use of intelligent […]

How to have a sustainable brand in the textile industry?

Sustainable brand for the textile industry

The textile industry is one of the sectors that most affects the preservation of the environment. That’s why building a sustainable brand is so important ecologically and market-wise. Are you curious? So, continue reading to understand more about the subject and access tips on how to include sustainable actions in your industry. Why worry about […]

Textile industry in Brazil: discover the panorama

textile industry in Brazil

The textile industry in Brazil generates income and creates jobs, being fundamental for the economy. Since its emergence, more than 2 centuries ago, it has been driven by the process of transformation and the use of new technologies. In this content, discover how we became the 5th largest textile industry in the world and the […]

Discover the advantages of the sublimation calender

Discover the advantages of the sublimation calender

The Sublimation Calender is one of Delta’s latest solutions for the finishing phase. It promotes productivity, optimization and automation. All this, while ensuring quality. To learn about its characteristics, differences and functionalities, continue reading. Here we have gathered the main information about the machine and the expertise that only Delta offers. Check it out! How […]

Weaving machines: relationship with quality control and optimization

Weaving machines

There are weaving machines that are capable of contributing to quality control and, consequently, to optimizing production. Investing in these solutions is the same as ensuring productivity, reducing costs and increasing competitive advantage. With this in mind, we list below the importance of these tools for the industrial weaving process, as well as some examples […]