Digital and conventional printing: main differences

digital and conventional printing main differences

There are some differences between digital and conventional printing. They are related to the impacts on the productivity, profitability and socio-environmental responsibility of the textile industries. The important thing is to know these characteristics to understand which of the two techniques is the most advantageous for your business. Therefore, below, we compare both with the […]

Why use a sample washer instead of household machines?

Why use sample washers instead of household machines?

The Sample Washer is a solution developed to carry out fabric shrinkage tests. Unlike domestic machines, it is able to meet the high demand for textiles and also contribute to production efficiency. Are you curious? Read on to see the main gains generated by the machine, based on real success stories! Happy reading! Discover the […]

Digital printing: understand the new trend in the global market

digital printing

Digital printing is the newest trend on the market, because it promotes efficiency, agility and profitability in textile production. This is the technique responsible for eliminating some of the main pain points in the sector. Are you curious and want to know more about digital printing on fabric? So continue reading to find out more […]

Digital printing on fabric: how to have a continuous and low-cost process

Digital printing on fabric is a trend that has been growing in the industrial sector in recent years. With constant evolution and adaptation to digitalization, this has become an indispensable solution to guarantee quality, competitive advantage and compliance with consumer demands. With this in mind, in this text we have gathered everything you need to […]