How to increase the production capacity of your industry?

Production capacity of the textile industry

The productive capacity of the textile industry concerns a possible number of production volume, always considering the main resources. This is important data for improving processes and activities to promote efficiency. Do you want to know how to expand your textile production capacity? So keep reading to check out the main tips! Why know and […]

ESG in the textile industry: understand the concept

ESG in the textile industry

ESG in the textile industry is the big trend for the coming years. The application of this concept in the sector is part of the movement of industries that fully understand the impact of sustainability on their businesses and society. Are you curious? So continue reading to check out the main information about ESG and […]

Smart factories: learn everything about this textile trend

Smart factories are the result of Industry 4.0. With technological advances, this concept now aims to optimize processes and integrate information. For the textile industry, as it has high demand, the advantages can be the difference in making the business even more competitive. Therefore, in this content we will cover the model Smart Factory, the […]