What sets Delta’s textile sample washer apart?

Textile Sample Washer

If you are thinking about upgrading your industry’s machinery, including Delta’s Textile Sample Washer is an excellent opportunity to increase productivity and optimize input analysis for more efficient quality control.

Carrying out efficient tests to check the shrinkage and quality of fabrics prevents future problems and helps to improve the final quality of the product. In this article, we separate the main information and differences of this equipment. Continue reading and discover how it can help your company!


Agility in the process with the textile sample washer

Many companies still use domestic washers and dryers to carry out tests on fabrics and check the percentage of shrinkage, fading and other characteristics. However, because this equipment is not manufactured for industrial purposes, it works, but takes around 3 hours to complete the process.


Professional evaluating the reasons to buy a Delta sample washer.
Assessing the efficiency of processes is fundamental for production optimization.

With a Delta Textile Sample Washer, this time is reduced to just 20 minutes. This means it is possible to carry out many more tests in a shorter period of time, increasing manufacturing productivity.


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Optimized quality control with the textile sample washer

Delta’s Textile Sample Washer also has the advantage of being an intelligent piece of equipment, specially designed to carry out tests properly and efficiently. Through washing and drying cycles, the washer indicates the percentage of mesh shrinkage, which facilitates monitoring of the production process.

It has a touch screen operation panel, where you can change characteristics such as volume and pressure, speed, water temperature and cycles. When it is in operation, through this panel it is possible to monitor the steps, as well as the temperature of the water and air in the heating module.

After washing and drying are complete, simply carry out the dimensional change test. Obtaining the Sample Washer provides much more practicality and quality to the process as a whole.


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Reducing waste with the textile sample washer

In the Washer there are small compartments to place the fabrics. This way, it is possible to use only small parts of each mesh and avoid waste.


Furthermore, a well-done washing and drying process also prevents poor quality parts from being produced.

Delta textile sample washer during sample testing.
Washer compartment used to store samples.

As these parts would end up being discarded or sold for a lower value than planned, it can be said that there is also a reduction in waste at this point.

By preventing fabrics, knitwear and even finished pieces from being discarded without even being used, the company also contributes to a more environmentally friendly production process, improving internal sustainability concepts.


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Suitability for Industry 4.0

Another advantage that this equipment provides is its suitability for Industry 4.0. Since Brazilian companies are already beginning to realize the importance of implementing technologies to increase production and the benefits to the quality of their products, those that do not adapt will end up becoming obsolete.

The data provided during quality control makes all the difference for the internal production of products. Through them, it is possible to observe whether suppliers are sending quality raw materials and analyze the characteristics of the fabrics so that they can be used in the best possible ways.

Illustrative image has Robson Wanka, education manager at Senai CETIQT as an interviewee.
Interview carried out with one of the greatest experts in the textile sector in the country, check out details about the future of the market in this article.

Therefore, clothing manufacturers that implement modern and efficient equipment are able to better control the production process, achieve agility in processes and even provide higher quality products at more competitive prices.

The most opportune time to start these changes in your industry is now, when it is still possible to stand out among your competitors, in addition to the benefits that the equipment provides. Leaving it for later and being one of the last to carry out this internal transformation can have negative consequences that will be difficult to recover from.

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