Manutenção 4.0: o que significa na indústria?

Manutenção 4.0: o que significa na indústria?

Muito se fala da indústria 4.0 e seus impactos no mercado atual. Mas, é preciso reforçar, também, as extensões deste conceito, como a manutenção 4.0. Ele, por sua vez, aprimora os processos já conhecidos com o intuito de garantir eficiência operacional e disponibilidade dos ativos industriais. Ficou curioso? Então, continue a leitura para entender um […]

Digital printing on fabric: how to have a continuous and low-cost process

Digital printing on fabric is a trend that has been growing in the industrial sector in recent years. With constant evolution and adaptation to digitalization, this has become an indispensable solution to guarantee quality, competitive advantage and compliance with consumer demands. With this in mind, in this text we have gathered everything you need to […]

Smart factories: learn everything about this textile trend

Smart factories are the result of Industry 4.0. With technological advances, this concept now aims to optimize processes and integrate information. For the textile industry, as it has high demand, the advantages can be the difference in making the business even more competitive. Therefore, in this content we will cover the model Smart Factory, the […]

7 Negative Impacts of Outdated Textile Machinery on the Industry!

Have you ever stopped to think about how efficient and modern textile machinery can make a difference in business? This is because obsolescence can negatively impact productivity, resulting in less profitability, especially in times of crisis. We ask this because today we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, and businesses that are not investing in […]