Textile Stenter: discover the new solution from Delta Máquinas Têxteis

Textile Stenter

Textile Stenter is the newest solution from Delta Máquinas Têxteis for the fabric preparation and finishing phase. This is a machine that came to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary and innovate the market.

This is because it complements Delta’s history of operating as a manufacturer of accessories for this type of machine. Today the company sells its first Stenter with Brazilian technology!

In this text we bring together all its details, as well as features and benefits. To learn a little more about it, keep reading!

The new Textile Stenter from Delta Máquinas Têxteis

To celebrate 15 years of Delta Máquinas Têxteis, the company developed the new Textile Stenter with Brazilian technology! The machine is extremely important for the fabric preparation and finishing phases.

The solution carries out, in a single process, the impregnation of chemical products, structure alignment, drying and thermofixation of the fabrics. It is precisely the automation of these steps that offers touch, weight and dimensional stability, ensuring agility and safety.

This new solution adds to Delta’s portfolio, based on the Industry 4.0 concept. The RDS1000 Its main characteristic and differentiator is the technology applied to the product. It is worth noting that it is a unique solution in the Brazilian market!

And like all Delta products, the new Stenter will be offered in conjunction with pre-sales consultancy that focuses on the process, local technical assistance and the possibility of purchasing parts if necessary.

It is interesting to note that in 2007, when Delta began its activities, the Textile Stenter was present in history. This year, the company offered accessories for this machine.

Like other solutions in the catalogue, the RDS1000 performs real-time data integration with the ERP, monitoring and greater control of process variables. And of course, it offers quality gains and helps reduce rework.

Additionally, the following can be added to it:

  • Impregnation foulard;
  • Weft straightener;
  • Nonstop Reviewer;
  • Selvedge cutter;
  • Hydro Sprinkler.
  • Sensors for process control
  • Various input and output configurations

This is a solution that can reach 50 meters in length! Due to its importance, the new machine will be presented at Febratex, the largest fair in the Americas. The Delta’s Textile Stenter reinforces the importance of the Brazilian textile industry as the fifth largest in the world and the company’s significance in this scenario.

The advantages and benefits of the Stenter

The advantages and benefits of the Stenter

The RDS 1000 is another Delta solution that follows NR12. This is an important Regulatory Standard for safety at work. It regulates articles 184 and 186 of Chapter V of the CLT. And due to digital transformations and new technologies, this standard is frequently reviewed and edited to remain appropriate and up-to-date.

Manufacturers need to follow the requirements mentioned in the standard to ensure operator protection during machinery and industrial equipment processes.

The textile industry must mainly adapt to the requirements of:

  • Electrical installations and devices;
  • Starting, starting and stopping devices;
  • Security systems;
  • Emergency stop devices;
  • Pressurized components;
  • Material conveyors;
  • Maintenance, inspection, preparation, adjustments and repairs, design, manufacture, use.

Therefore, the new Delta’s Textile Stenter follows these requirements in order to ensure the integrity and well-being of the operator.

Furthermore, as already discussed, automation and optimization of several processes in a single machine guarantees greater production efficiency. The performance of activities starts to generate more positive and agile results.

Added to this, the quality of products increases thanks to intelligence, modernity and technology of the machine. This allows for the reduction of costs and losses due to assertiveness during the preparation and finishing stages.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of financing the machine through the Special Industrial Financing Agency (FINAME), from BNDES. This option allows greater accessibility to the solution and stimulates the growth of the national industry.

It is noteworthy that the textile sector represents around 5% of the industrial GDP and 25% to 30% of the country’s GDP, according to the Brazilian Textile Industry Association (ABIT).

This is an important initiative for industrial progress and evolution. Funding allows organizations to play a significant role in the country’s economy!

How does the Textile Stenter optimize production?

This is an essential machine in the production process. The textile finishing Stenter is a tool made up of a conveyor chain that is on the widening function rail. It also contains a heated oven to dry and provide the best heat treatment.

To ensure greater optimization and productivity at this stage, it is necessary to have modern technological solutions that reduce errors and facilitate performance.

By combining several phases into a single machine, as in the RDS1000, differentiated results are delivered due to the automated control of process variables.

The important thing is to have solutions that simplify daily activities, streamlining the process and integrating activities.

Therefore, we optimize production with innovation, technology, automation of the variables that affect the process, increasing efficiency and the final quality of the product.

Learn a little more about Delta Máquinas Têxteis

Learn a little more about Delta Máquinas Têxteis

Delta’s 15 years have made it a specialist in the development and manufacture of textile machines and efficient processes, contributing to the progress of the sector.

The aim is to present a new way of thinking about the industrial production model, aiming to provide the most modern and efficient solutions for the national and international textile industry.

And it was with this objective that the RDS1000 was developed. A national supplier, with a Brazilian technology machine, guarantees several benefits to the business, such as:

  • Reduction of costs with the acquisition of machines and support;
  • Easy access to parts and accessories for machinery that needs replacement;
  • Facilitated logistics;
  • Durability of the partnership;
  • Simplified technical assistance;
  • Standardization and information in the same language.

And Delta Máquinas offers these benefits in all of its 50 portfolio solutions! Furthermore, it is worth highlighting the specialized consultancy work that is made available by the company for the customers’ production cycle. The objective here is to help eliminate problems in processes and, thus, promote development.

Innovation drives progress and the path to Industry 4.0 is the right one to elevate the textile sector and guarantee efficiency and quality. That’s what Delta believes!

So bet on technology and modernity with someone who is an authority on the subject! Make a quote with us and promote productivity in your industry!

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