Clothing machines: when to update production?

Clothing machines

Updating manufacturing machines is a much discussed topic, mainly due to the modernizations present in the most current equipment. Among several benefits, they can offer more productivity and efficiency, in addition to being a differentiator from the competition.

However, how do you know when the time is right to make the decision to modernize machinery? Waiting for them to break or require maintenance is not the best choice, as it can harm your production. We will address this topic in this article. Continue reading and check it out!


When equipment becomes obsolete

One of the signs that it is necessary to change the manufacturing machines is when the equipment begins to become obsolete, limiting the evolution of the quality of the products. This can be noticed especially when a new trend is launched, but the manufacturing company does not have adequate equipment to produce the pieces and meet demand.

Currently, many equipment is developed for one or two specific types of fabrics. At the same time as this means more equipment on the production line, the savings, optimization of the operation, safety and superior quality end up compensating for the space occupied.


When there is a long delay in deliveries

If your equipment has problems, stops working and delays the delivery of products to customers, it is definitely time to change your manufacturing machines. After all, complaints can increase and you could end up losing them to the competition.

Furthermore, it is also important to be aware of employee complaints regarding the equipment used, as they may indicate that the machines are preventing the delivery of better results, which is also an important reason for the change to be carried out.



When products are of low quality compared to the market

When machines start to have problems and fail, it is common for errors to occur in sewing and modeling, as well as outdated assembly.

With more modern equipment it is possible to obtain much greater quality control, especially those that have technology aimed at this purpose. In these cases, exchanging the machinery is also valid and can bring benefits to the company.


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When more productive machinery options exist

Modernization brought great news to the textile sector. It is now possible to find automated factories that require almost no operators to operate, reducing costs, human errors and increasing profits.

Among the most prominent technologies are, for example, 3D printers, which today can be purchased by medium and small companies as well. Furthermore, machines such as the Mesh Relaxer shorten the process that would traditionally last 2 days to minutes.

The gain in scale, predictability, productivity and waste reduction is very large, even more so when this type of equipment is used in conjunction with others such as proofreaders, packaging machines, among others.


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When you’re ready to adapt to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is no longer a possibility, it is already happening. Although Brazil has a little more difficulty adapting to changes, companies of all sizes have already realized the importance of looking for more financially advantageous alternatives and also contributing to more sustainable production.

Obviously, it is important that the adaptation of the manufacturing machines is carried out gradually, according to a prior analysis of the physical space, the company’s financial conditions, the possibility of training employees, among other factors.

Still, you need to start from some point and, preferably as soon as possible, as your competitors may already be adapting.

To learn more about Industry 4.0, check out our article now in which we explain why the textile sector must adapt to it!

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