4 benefits of the MWS033 Tubular Mesh Opener

Gaining productivity in industry is not a concept related to just an increase in the volume produced. It is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of goods and optimization of the resources used, such as money and raw materials. In this scenario of adaptation to industry 4.0, the MWS033 tubular mesh opener allows not only step automation, but the reduction in waste and time savings. Working with mesh can mean a loss of materials, precision and time, if this is a manual step or done using old machines. The MWS033 opener can be used in the tubular mesh processing process and also meets the need to update and modernize its production, in a way that enhances its competitiveness and market authority. Next, we will show the benefits, features and how this is equipment that can improve your mesh cutting, opening and distortion steps and also reduce costs. Check it out.


1 – Less exposure to manual errors

It is known that the more manual and human interference the production stages present, the greater the exposure to failures, waste and errors. No matter how qualified and engaged an employee is, they still have the emotional factor, tiredness and inattention. These are some characteristics that lead to loss of materials, high production costs and lack of modernization and competitiveness. To overcome these common problems in manufacturing, the MWS033 tubular mesh opener is an intelligent machine and guarantees automatic opening of the mesh over needle failure with precision even at high speeds.


2 – Versatility

Efficient and modern equipment has the advantage of being versatile and executing more than one process or stage of the production process. Delta’s mesh opener distorts and opens meshes. In addition, you will have functions that allow you to increase productivity and quality in products. Understand how.

Mesh Opener Feed

The MWS033 can be fed with tubular mesh, or with open mesh and flat fabric. To achieve this, it is configured to suit different textile structures, allowing for a significant variety of materials that can be worked with. Another feature is the material output possibilities. The diaper arm is versatile and has the possibilities of diapering by common diapering, by gradual accumulation and by static accumulation.


This is a feature used to distort the fabric and increase the productivity capacity of your mesh opener.



3 – Quality of delivery and performance

The Delta opener has a high-precision sensor that identifies various needle failure measurements. This allows your production to eliminate the opening of materials outside of failure, thus guaranteeing the quality of your product and consequently enhancing the industry’s performance in the market.


4 – Maintenance agility and adaptation to NR12

Some factors that must be considered when choosing a mesh opener, which extends to any other type of textile equipment, are maintenance costs, construction engineering and equipment safety. In this sense, the MWS033 was developed with the characteristics of the textile industries in mind, and with this, the concern was focused on the quality and integrity of the machine, so that the need for and maintenance costs are low. Furthermore, it meets all operational, mechanical and electrical safety requirements that comprise the NR12 national safety certificate, positively differentiating itself from international competitors. This is a seal that proves that the MWS033 was designed with the protection and physical integrity of those who handle it in mind.


Delta - Tubular Mesh Opener


The mesh opener is a piece of equipment that is part of the essential components of an industry, as problems in fabrics result in low quality products and costs with rework and waste of material. To avoid this, the MWS033 iConcept Flow was designed to meet different needs and textile articles. Thus, there is a productive, competitive, quality and profitability gain. To understand more about the importance and impacts of production modernization, check out our post with the reasons and applicability of production automation.

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