Digital ruler in textile production: what you need to know

Digital ruler

With process automation, it is increasingly possible to obtain optimizations in textile industry services. An example is the digital ruler, because, although in Brazil many companies still use the manual method (tape measure) to measure the width of the mesh/fabric roll, it can solve several problems that may occur, in addition to providing benefits.

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Reduction of errors when measuring knits and fabrics

In the traditional process, the operator can only measure a few mesh points, in addition to having to manually enter this value. With the digital ruler it is possible to completely read the width along the length of the rolls and obtain an average accuracy of 5 millimeters. One of the main mistakes that can be avoided is the parallax error. This error usually occurs due to a wrong observation, which is generated due to an optical deviation due to the observer’s viewing angle. In practice, depending on the angle from which the operator looks at the instrument, he will obtain different measurements, drawing different conclusions. With the digital ruler this error is eliminated.


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Benefits of the digital ruler in textile production

In addition to eliminating parallax error, the system displays complex data such as minimum and maximum roll width, in addition to the average width for utilization calculations and production scheduling. Based on an informed tolerance, it also alerts the operator if the width is above or below the tolerance, so that he can take corrective action without compromising the quality of the fabric/mesh.

Digital ruler

Furthermore, with automatic width measurement, the machine is capable of generating accurate data regarding fabric area, average weight and average yield — extremely important information in subsequent processes. In the case of Delta’s digital ruler, the equipment has a graphic recorder that monitors and presents a graph of the width, if requested, along the roll. It can be shown on screen or in report form, so the customer has the width variation across the entire roll. It also has an electronic recorder (paperless); Electronic supervision. Through it, you are able to save the width values ​​on a pen-drive or in conjunction with the supervisory system. Then, he can manipulate the information and insert it into a database or print it on a label. Furthermore, it can also send via serial to a nearby computer, where the client system can collect this information. In other words, it provides much more agility, efficiency, reduction of failures and optimization of internal processes.


Digital ruler - E-book]How to ensure quality control in the textile industry?


Digital Ruler Applications

It is possible to use the digital ruler on different equipment. In Delta Equipment it is inserted into checkers, NON-Stop, hydro sprinkler stations and relaxers. Its centralizing function is also used in the opener, untwisting machine and dogal centralizer. Finally, it can also be used at the branch outlet or alone in compactors, so that the operator can measure the width.


Digital ruler


Modernization and competitiveness

Investing in modernizing equipment and digitalizing production generates several advantages, including competitiveness, as waste and failures are reduced and productivity is increased. All these benefits are the result of efficient quality control that provides greater profits, in addition to increasing sustainability, providing energy savings, increased safety and several points aligned with the concepts of industry 4.0, an important topic today. In fact, many companies are already benefiting from these advantages. Want to know more about this topic? Check out now why the textile sector must adapt to Industry 4.0 as soon as possible!

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