Why does your production need a Delta Mesh Checker?

Still thinking about purchasing the Delta Mesh Reviewer? Know that taking the step of updating your machinery is something that requires urgency, as many companies in the sector are already investing in this strategy and the longer it takes, the more effort it will take to keep up with them.

To put an end to your doubts once and for all, we have gathered information about this equipment that proves the importance of purchasing it. Continue reading!


Quality control optimization

One of the pillars of Industry 4.0 is quality control. Through a series of technologies, it is possible to anticipate problems and find solutions to prevent them from occurring. In manufacturing, it helps prevent defective parts from being produced, in addition to optimizing the process.


The REV150 iConcept View Mesh Checker is equipment that performs mesh inspection, enabling quality analysis as soon as the fabrics are received. This way, the process already begins, avoiding subsequent defects in the manufactured parts.


Reduction of waste and losses

Generally, industries are concerned with carrying out an analysis of the quality of products only when they are ready. However, if this inspection is carried out on the raw materials using the Reviser, the defective fabric can be sent back to the supplier, preventing the pieces from being produced and then discarded or sold as second quality.

Cost reduction brought by the delta proofreader.
By controlling quality, cost reduction becomes a consequence.

Furthermore, the equipment can collect information such as width, meters of usable area, yield, grammage and other information. With this data in hand, it is possible to check in stock which is the best roll to make the most of each cutting order.

Using this equipment also means the end of roll collection in the wrapping caused by manufacturing defects and variation in measurements, combating waste.


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Process automation

The time that the process of manually checking knits and fabrics for defects takes cannot be compared with the time that automated equipment can take. It is also less prone to errors and offers several advantages. Regarding the Delta Mesh Checker, there are the following benefits:

  • Systems that perform functions such as alignment, timing and stretch control;
  • Width and meter monitoring;
  • Productivity gain;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standard NR12.

All these features make the equipment an ally in the quality control process and help optimize your production line.


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Increase in the final quality of parts with the mesh proofer

Today’s consumer is very demanding. In addition to searching for prices, he wants quality in everything he purchases. Companies that do not offer competitive costs and quality products tend to be rejected and run the risk of not remaining in the market.

With Delta’s Mesh and Fabric Reviewer, it is possible to obtain more quality in the manufactured pieces and thus, increase consumer loyalty.


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Possibility to get ahead of the competition with Delta’s Mesh Reviewer

Industry 4.0 is not in the distant future, it is happening now. In Brazil, companies take longer to adapt to new developments, yet many already realize how much technology can help with processes and are already investing in modernizing their production lines.

The best time to invest in equipment that meets new demands is now, to get ahead and stand out from the rest. When Industry 4.0 is already implemented at a national level, the company will only be making up for lost time and it may be too late to use this factor as a differentiator.

As you can see, getting a Delta Knit and Fabric Checker is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Contact us to ask questions, find out more about Revisadeira or request a quote!

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