4 benefits of the EWB700c Automatic Wrapper

Anyone who works in the industry knows that textile finishing is one of the most important processes that influences the final product. The quality of the packaging of the mesh or fabric rolls allows the correct storage and transportation of the goods. Concerned about this, Delta Equipamentos developed the iConcept Packing EWB 700 Wrapper.

In a scenario of industry 4.0 and extreme industrial competitiveness, worrying about productivity and cost reduction is a matter of survival in the market.

However, contrary to what many think, productivity is a combination of quality and volume of production at the lowest possible cost, and not just about quantity produced.

Next, learn about the features of the Delta EWB 700 wrapper and see how it can automate and optimize your finishing process.


The automatic scuff plate EWB 700

Developed using modern, intelligent and highly durable materials, the iConcept Packing EWB 700 wrapper automates your roll packaging process, whether made of mesh or fabric. However, it can also be used with excellent results in the paper and laminate industries, for example.



Enables the addition of optional items and features, such as label printing and application, front or side supply conveyor, automatic weighing system, automated unloading and customized layout projects.


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The benefits and advantages of the Delta scuff plate

Due to the technology used, the EWB 700 Automatic Wrapper can achieve superior performance not only in terms of production, but also economic and operational. Understand.

Reducing plastic consumption

The Delta Wrapper works with a wide variety of plastics, and the machine uses a system that makes the most of this raw material. This is possible because the required amount of plastic is defined by a laser sensor, which takes the roll diameter into account.

This way, the scuff plate can avoid burrs and waste. Without this exaggerated use, its production can reduce the consumption of plastic, guarantee the perfect finish and also reduce costs with the use of this raw material, and, in general terms, this reduction is, on average, 20% .

Além da questão financeira, o uso racional de plástico e demais poluentes é fundamental para a abordagemsustentável das indústrias.


E-book]How to ensure quality control in the textile industry?


Increase in productivity

The process of finishing and packaging the rolls becomes completely time-consuming and non-standard when done manually, or with outdated equipment. The EWB 700 is available in different levels of automation, as mentioned, it is possible to include extras that automate everything from weighing to printing and unloading..

These characteristics enable an increase of around 80% in its production capacity. This is achieved by automating this process, which makes the task faster, more agile, without the need for many operators and with a reduction in finishing errors.

Modernization of the production flow

It is known that industry 4.0 focuses on the use of technologies and process innovation in the production routine. In this sense, the Delta EWB 700 wrapper makes it possible to modernize the production workflow, which is an essential factor for industrial growth, adapting to new requirements and reducing operational costs and waste.


Cost reduction

Cost reduction is, in fact, a consequence of an automated production flow, with high productivity and which does not waste raw materials. All of this is possible with the Delta scuff plate, which also considerably reduces specialized labor costs, as it is simple to use, easy to maintain and eliminates rework.




The iConcept Packing EWB 700 packaging machine, in addition to all the economic and production advantages mentioned above, allows your production line to meet labor and ergonomic specifications and requirements, avoiding additional costs, fines and employee accidents.

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