How to improve the fabric review stage?

How to improve the tissue review stage

The fabric review stage is essential to promote the quality of the final product. In addition to ensuring productivity and cost reduction throughout the production chain. But, did you know that there is a way to improve this process even further?

To understand how this practice can be optimized and automated, continue reading. We have gathered in this text the main information on the subject.

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Do you truly understand the importance of the fabric review stage?

Fabric review is the stage related to the work of evaluating the material that arrives at your company. The objective here is to find possible errors at the receiving stage to avoid future problems during manufacturing.

In other words, the practice helps to eliminate losses due to the loss of raw materials or their low quality. The spreading phase is the most affected. During the opening of the fabric, to stack it in layers and thus cut it for the construction of molds, problems with dimensions are encountered.

This, consequently, generates a large waste of material. Incorrect sizing increases the cost of industries, as well as disrupting the cadence and production of parts.

However, many companies still do not carry out this evaluation process. Thus, suffering from failures that generate major impacts on the entire chain. After all, fabrics are the main assets of the textile sector.

It is worth mentioning that the fabric review stage was not very common in the textile sector. That’s why many businesses purchased their pieces without properly checking the quality of the product and its finish. Therefore, it is understandable that this is not such a common practice yet.

However, it is necessary, once and for all, to start applying tissue revision. This way, it will be possible to guarantee profitability and market prominence, in the midst of more than 22.5 thousand formal production units in Brazil. All this thanks to the increased quality of the final product.

Today, there are textile technologies capable of contributing to the efficiency of this stage. With the help of machines focused on this process, it is possible to inspect and guarantee the sizing of the meshes. Furthermore, standardize and automate the entire phase.

In summary, fabric review contributes to:

  • Waste reduction;
  • Productivity increase;
  • Decrease in second quality rates;
  • Greater predictability in production capacity;
  • Increased ROI.

Discover Delta Máquinas Têxteis solutions for this phase

As discussed previously, the fabric review phase is extremely important to ensure the quality of the final product. As well as to eliminate waste, delays and unnecessary costs.

But, this phase can be improved with the help of smart textile machines , capable of automating and optimizing the entire inspection process. This is because they allow you to analyze the correct width of the fabric, offering real information so that patterns can be created efficiently.

This entire process helps inpredicting losses during cutting. As well as, for example, it helps identify torn selvedge, lumpy fabric, missing threads and stains.

This prior verification also helps in understanding the characteristics of the fabric. That is, it will be possible to know if it is light, medium or heavy. This allows, for example, the thread and needle to be chosen in a more coherent way.

Delta Máquinas Têxteis solutions offer this and much more! They contribute to data collection and management guided by true information. Furthermore, they increase productivity and spreading quality through automation and standardization.

To learn about the main Delta machines for this phase, continue reading! We’ve put together a list of them below!

Non-Stop Reviewer (RNS170)

Non-Stop Reviewer (RNS170)

The first of the Delta machines to be cited as essential tools for fabric proofing is the Non-Stop Reviewer (RNS170)). This is an intelligent solution that collaborates with the concept of Industry 4.0.

This is equipment developed specifically for the stenter exit. This guarantees greater agility, profitability and quality thanks to standardization and automation.

It can also count on the help of a series of options. Such as, for example, digital ruler, scale, diaper, mechanical or electrical cross cutter, grammage and yield calculation software, defect counter software, data integration software and 10” HMI. They make the knit and fabric inspection process even easier. The results in your company will be instantaneous!

Its electronic drives, with stretch control, help with quality review and detection of defects. And the wide vision with top and bottom lighting helps with assertiveness.

In addition to these advantages, it is possible to mention:

  • Reduction in setup time with JBOX accumulator at the input;
  • Reduction of operational costs;
  • Guarantee of process standardization and automation.

Mesh and Fabric Reviewer (REV170)

For the fabric review phase, Delta also offers the Mesh and Fabric Reviewer (REV170)). This solution promotes greater assertiveness in the search for quality in the final product.

Furthermore, it helps to reduce interference and costs in subsequent processes. In other words, it directly reflects on the success of your entire business!

This model can be configured according to each need. Therefore, it can be adapted, with the help of extras such as Digital Ruler Sensor, Scale, Unfurling Arm, and Manual or Electric Cross Cutter.

And just like the previous reviewer, it can be connected to software for calculating grammage and yield, and for pointing out defects. As well as HM 10” and data integration software. Here, the benefits are also the same.

Smart Vision iConcept View

The Smart Vision iConcept View is the newest version of the REV 170! It was launched and presented to the national and international textile market during the ITMA 2023 fair, in Milan, Italy!

This intelligent machine guarantees all the advantages seen in the previous ones. In addition, it also has other main features.

The big difference here is in your system. Smart Vision is the Delta machine, for the fabric review phase, which has the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The Reviewer, with thiscutting-edge technology, ensures that the sector reaches the highest levels of automated fabric inspection. Which consequently promotes greater qualitycontrol.

Thisintelligente equipment arrives to replace the operator’s role. In other words, the solution’s own camera will carry out the inspection in order to point out, in the software integrated or not with your ERP, the necessary information regarding this process.

The Smart Vision iConcept View is one of the great examples of the Delta revolution in the textile sector!

Tubular Reviewer (REV550)

The Tubular Reviewer (REV550) is the perfect solution tomultiply productivity and reduce costs in the fabric review phase. This intelligent machine allows simultaneous inspection of both sides of the raw tubular mesh

This occurs through the help of a double table, capable of promoting gains with the agility of this process. All this thanks to the correction of problems in weaving and losses in processing.

And still can be added to thisDelta solution:The mechanical meter counter and the plaiting It, unlike the previous ones, promotes gains such as:

  • 150% more productive than simple inspection machines;
  • Compact table, with less need for physical space;
  • Reduction in setup time;
  • Stretch control.

Flat Fabric Reviewer (REV 110)

The Flat Fabric Reviewer (REV110) from Delta was designed to optimize the tissue review process as much as possible. This is why it guarantees greater ease of setup. This is its biggest differentiator, promoting quality, agility, productivity and data integration.

This machine has electronic drives with stretching control, and an alignment system using high definition sensors. And it also has work options: roll/roll; Plaited/roll; and big roll/small roll.

The following can be added to it: Digital ruler for width monitoring; Manual or electric cross-cutting system; Data integration software and unfurling arm.

Mesh and Flat Fabric Reviewer (REV450)

TheREV450 model refers to the Mesh and Flat Fabric Reviewer. It is an entry-level version of the reviewers produced by Delta. Therefore, it is an excellent option for smaller industries.

The REV450 guarantees a quick return on investment, as it promotes quality inspection and avoids possible losses in the process. Its high productivity generates reduced operating costs. It also has Plaited/roll or roll/roll work options.

It is also possible to add options such as weighing system, digital ruler for width monitoring and electronic meter counter.

Mesh and Fabric Relaxer (RLX600)

Mesh and Fabric Relaxer (RLX600)

Finally, the Mesh and Fabric Relaxer (RLX600) also helps eliminate dimensional defects in cut pieces. This is a machine that provides even more assertiveness to this process.

The RLX600 is the result of Delta innovation in the conventional method of resting knitwear and fabric. The solution, through process standardization, eliminates the conventional 24h to 48h rest period. Thus promoting immediate relaxation from roll to roll.

Furthermore, this intelligent solution provides a series of real data, important for programming, and can be integrated with the ERP. In other words, it is the guarantee of quality, productivity, dimensional stability, agility and reliability.

With it, it is possible to produce on a large scale and profitably. This is because it promotes:

  • Automatic calculation of weight and yield;
  • Actual roll width and length information;
  • Low need for physical space.

Count on Delta and improve your fabric review stage!

Delta Máquinas Têxteis is always thinking about bringing innovative solutions to the national and international sector! That’s why we are your ideal partner in the fabric review stage!

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