Artificial intelligence in the textile industry: what to expect in the coming years?

Artificial intelligence in the textile industry: what to expect in the coming years?

Artificial Intelligence in the textile industry may seem like a very distant reality. However, now, more than ever, it is possible to count on the help of technology to promote more assertiveness, automation, productivity and quality to the market.

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Understand the impacts of artificial intelligence on the textile industry!

Artificial Intelligence in the textile industry is a trend that is increasingly present in the sector’s daily life. This technology may seem very distant, but it has been widely explored in this market. After all, this is just another important step in the context of Industry 4.0.

According to an article on the subject, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of Computer Science. Here, the aim is to make computers think or behave intelligently.

However, AI is also related to several scientific areas. Such as, for example, psychology, biology, mathematical logic, linguistics, engineering, philosophy, among others. Therefore, they can be applied in different sectors and activities.

Also according to the study, AI is capable of collaborating with expert systems (emulator of human specialization), robotics, visual systems (hardware and software that capture, store and manipulate images) and natural language processing (recognizing voice commands in a natural language).

In fact, this last application is the one that is most present in our daily lives. This is because virtual assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, are examples of AI as natural language processing.

In the textile sector, Artificial Intelligence is used to improve production processes and generate, on a large scale, automation. This technology in the industry is capable of promoting greater efficiency, increasing the capacity for innovation and customization.

According to Revista Têxtil, AI in the textile scenario is used to automate production processes, such as quality control, machine monitoring and inventory management.

Furthermore, it can also be used for resource optimization, fabric development and customization of the products. And, also, in the creation of prototypes, mass production, logistical efficiency and more assertive decisions based on data.

What to expect from the sector in the coming years?

What to expect from the textile sector in the coming years?

In short, Artificial Intelligence in the textile industry is capable of improving all processes in the sector. In the coming years, it is possible to expect further reduction in waste and errors thanks to the automation of repetitive tasks.

It is also possible to expect innovation in the development of textile fibers, data analysis as the center of decision-making and greater predictability of demand.

Inventory management and product quality will be improved with AI. In the same way that it will be possible to promote greater sustainability in the production stages and the rapid identification and adaptation of trends.

It is worth highlighting that the expectation is that fabrics will suffer positive impacts from AI, making them increasingly intelligent. As pointed out by Voicers, an example company in this scenario is QOOWEAR. They were responsible for producing the first AI-controlled thermal workwear.

This piece is capable of changing its temperature automatically, during any activity, regardless of external weather conditions. That is, the solution recognizes, in real time, the coldest points on the human body, giving priority to warming them. Furthermore, it integrates bio-data to prevent health risks.

This is just one example of the effects of this technology on the sector. The tendency is for it to collaborate with the complete evolution of the textile industry. All activities, as well as analysis, planning and management, can be improved with the help of AI.

Therefore, for this to happen, it is necessary to have textile machines and intelligent equipment. They need to be able to promote the best of Artificial Intelligence in the textile industry.

Only the correct tools can help with the automation and assertiveness of routine tasks. In fact, they need to instigate continuous improvement and process improvement through AI innovation.

Discover the Smart Vision iConcept View solution!

TheSmart Vision iConcept View is another successful example of Artificial Intelligence in the textile industry. This is a Delta Máquinas Têxteis solution that aims to further improve the fabric inspection phase.

Here, before presenting the machine, it is worth highlighting that the fabric review phase was not very common in the textile sector. That is, many companies purchased their parts without checking the quality of the product and its finish.

And the lack of this practice generates major problems during spreading. Therefore, when the fabric was opened and stacked in layers, to make cuts and patterns, errors were found in its dimensions.

Consequently, the wrong dimensioning generated a lot of waste and increased costs for industries. It was with this in mind that the Delta Reviewer was developed.

Today, there are already different versions of the Reviewer! Delta is always thinking about bringing innovative solutions to the sector, so much so that it has now launched Smart Vision iConcept View. This is a Reviewer that relies on artificial intelligence to correctly inspect fabric defects.

Its latest technology allows the sector to reach the top of automated fabric inspection, generating greater quality control.

This machine replaces the operator’s role. Here, the solution’s own camera will carry out the inspection and display the necessary information regarding the processes in the software, which may or may not be integrated with the company’s ERP.

The Smart Vision iConcept View is another example of the Delta revolution in the textile market! And this intelligent machine was launched and presented to the sector during the ITMA 2023 international fair, in Milan, Italy!

Delta is focused on bringing innovations to promote the national and international sector. And that is precisely why its solutions promote high quality based on innovation.

Count on Delta and be part of the revolution in the textile sector!

As we have seen throughout the text, Artificial Intelligence in the textile industry is a very present reality. Investing in this innovation is the same as ensuring greater efficiency and development for your company.

So, to start investing in smart solutions and textile technology, count on the expertise of those who understand the subject! Delta is a company guided by Industry 4.0. Our solutions truly contribute to the evolution of the textile sector.

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