Textile processing and problems with article packaging

There are many companies that need help in their textile processing process. Packaging products, right at the beginning of the production chain, can become a challenge when carried out manually or with outdated equipment. However, there are currently technologies that eliminate several problems at this stage, helping with productivity, reducing waste and increasing profits. Continue reading and see what challenges can be faced using more modern equipment!

Poor quality packaging

Poor quality packaging that ends up affecting roll protection is a problem that can have commercial consequences. Have you ever imagined integrating tube cutting, packaging, weighing system, total shrink tunnel and roll disposal into a single operation? As a result, packaging becomes standardized and quality is assured in the following stages. It is no longer a hypothesis, with an automatic roll wrapping machine it is possible to obtain these benefits, as it can integrate these processes. In cases of companies with three shifts, for example, it can even reduce the process, eliminating the third shift and optimizing the production line.


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Raw material waste

If your company packs rolls partially or completely manually, you have probably had or still have problems with material waste. After all, burrs and waste during production may initially seem silly, but ultimately end up weighing on the company’s budget. The automatic roll wrapping machine has a laser sensor that determines the diameter of the roll and uses only the amount of plastic necessary, eliminating waste and reducing raw material costs by up to 30%.


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Equipment not suitable for NR12

Regulatory Standard number 12, or NR-12, consists of standards that ensure that machines and equipment are safe for worker use. It requires equipment to meet a series of requirements. The Department of Labor carries out inspections and, if the equipment is not adequate to this standard, they can issue fines that can reach 50 times the reference value of the equipment. Furthermore, a machine can receive more than one fine for inadequacy, increasing the values ​​even further. It is important to pay attention to the equipment purchased, including that used in the textile processing process.



Low productivity and finishing errors

Another point that must be observed is that manual processes end up depending on the productivity of operators, in addition to being subject to human error. When automated, roll packaging becomes more agile and precise, increasing productivity by around 80%. Furthermore, the shrink tunnel gives the packaging a good finish, practically eliminating the possibility of breakages due to improper handling. Finally, the disposal of finished rolls for shipping is completely automated, discarding the rolls onto the conveyor car.


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Difficulty standing out from the competition

In addition to the advantages mentioned, by opting for the modernization of textile processing it is possible to begin the process of adapting your industrial park to Industry 4.0. This gains a competitive advantage, stands out from competitors (by offering a better product) and also reduces costs. Finally, the investment made is paid off within a few months due to the savings generated. In other words, whoever chooses this type of investment only stands to gain. The EWB700 iConcept Packing automatic roll wrapper is one of the most efficient products on the market, easy to operate and maintain, in addition to being 100% Brazilian technology. It is ideal for distribution centers and sales of knitted fabrics and fabrics in rolls, and can also be used in the paper, laminated, non-woven and similar industries. Get to know this product better!

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