Reference in textile machinery, Delta celebrates 14 years

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One of the concerns of fashion industries is having quality textile machines. And for 14 years, finding solutions that combine high productivity with the best market practices has become easier: since it was founded, Delta Máquinas has been offering items that are increasingly in line with the textile production process.

In April, the brand celebrated 14 years of existence. And it is increasingly a reference for those looking for high-end textile machines.

Delta’s solutions are developed with a focus on industry 4.0. They combine automation, data management and standardization of intelligent processes. Its portfolio has more than 50 products applied to various processes: flat weaving, circular knitting, printing, finishing and clothing. Furthermore, the company carries out exclusive automation projects, according to the needs of each client.

In these 14 years, many things have changed in Delta’s routine. But one thing is certain: care for the quality of deliveries remains. And investments in solutions adherent to the textile industry are a constant in the company.

Delta’s anniversary, celebrated on April 30, was marked by a get-together with employees. On the occasion, the executive board highlighted the importance of people for business continuity:

“We have come this far and can project a promising future because we have great professionals at our side, who are dedicated to delivering differentiated products that are fully compliant with the production chain.”

Delta takes textile machines to Latin America

One of Delta’s greatest achievements is the fact that the brand is not just a reference in Brazil. Today, several countries in Latin America already have the company’s solutions.

In the portfolio of more than 300 companies served, there are businesses located in Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

Recently, Delta was even evaluated by a large company: Supertex Group, with factories in Colombia and El Salvador. Delta’s textile machines are optimizing the industry’s production process, which has already achieved savings of 34% in working time between relaxing and cutting materials.

Another client that has already highlighted the advantages of Delta’s solutions is Objeto Brasil. The Brazilian brand reduced R$15,000 in waste after purchasing the washer designed by Delta.

Plans for the future

Since 2007, Delta has conquered its space with audacious plans, like this year’s. By the end of 2021, the company wants to grow 50%, even in the face of the difficulties imposed by the pandemic.

Delta’s managing partner, Fábio Kreutzfeld, highlights:

“We are attentive to the needs of the market. The objective is always to optimize processes; We don’t just deliver machinery, production accessories and software, we deliver the solution and all the necessary support. Our customers feel like they can really count on us”.

Internationalization marked by relevant events

Over these 14 years, Delta has invested in major events to strengthen its international presence. And it increasingly wants to be a reference in the development of textile machines. The company has already exhibited at ITMA Italy, the world’s largest fair for inputs for the textile market, and also at Colombiatex, in Colombia, recognized as the main textile agenda in Latin America. It also participates in Febratex, which takes place in Brazil and brings together textile professionals from all over the world.

Delta Máquinas Têxteis in numbers

  • 14 years of experience;
  • More than 300 customers;
  • 63 machines in its portfolio;
  • International presence, with sales to major brands such as the Colombian Supertex Group;
  • Reduction of more than 30% in your customers’ working time with the application of your machines and technology;
  • More than 50 employees;
  • Projection of 50% growth for 2021.



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