5 reasons to invest in technology 4.0

Reasons to invest in technology

Technology 4.0 contributes to the development of the textile industry in Latin America as a whole. Technology 4.0 contributes to the development of the textile industry in Latin America as a whole.

This concept comes from the textile industry 4.0, which contributes to a greater number of smart factories, promoting autonomy, automation, digitalization and process optimization.

The technological solutions of this fourth generation allow production to be more agile, efficient, economically viable and assertive. And the industry that still doesn’t invest in them will be left behind in the market. After all, 69% of companies in the sector already make some type of use of these technologies.

Therefore, below, we list the 6 main reasons to invest once and for all in industry 4.0 technologies! Check it out!

1 Technology 4.0 follows changes in consumer behavior

Technology 4.0 is a great ally for the consumer. Over time, digital transformation has affected customer behavior. Today they are increasingly demanding.

This is due to a greater supply of products available on the market. Therefore, meeting buyers’ expectations is essential to remain relevant in the sector and win new business.

Currently, consumers are looking for products that actually match their ideals. A survey by Thinking With Google shows that 70% of them use the internet to search for different products or services that “suit me”. And 42% of them say they are willing to change their choice after the results of this search.

This makes it possible to identify the need for greater digital maturity in the textile industry to adapt more quickly to consumer demands. Through technology it will be possible to offer the best experience.

The mass customization has also been one of the consumer demands. After all, we saw that he increasingly wants products that look like him or are custom-made.

However, customization requires a greater amount of cost and time. And this can be reduced with the help of textile technology, which will allow production to be carried out on a large scale.

3D printing and modeling, in addition to automated machines, guarantee major impacts on the industry in terms of mass customization. Investing in these tools will allow for greater competitiveness and customer satisfaction by having differentiated products. Which, consequently, will help increase sales volume.

2 Improvement in investment planning in the industry

Improvement in investment planning in the industry

Investment planning in industry is one of the main activities in business management. Every year this process is redone in order to monitor market volatility and better invest in textile machinery and equipment.

The main objective is to invest in solutions that enable the provision of what is demanded by the market and customers. After all, technology 4.0, if applied to intelligent textile machines, guarantees automation.

Therefore, the effects can be seen mainly in the profitability, economy and efficiency of production. The processes will be standardized, following industry standards, to ensure the excellence of the stages.

It is necessary to understand, once and for all, that investing in these machines guarantees future gains. There is no longer any way to use tools from past generations to save money. This will only generate more rework and wasted time.

Therefore, the acquisition of 4.0 technology needs to be a priority in the industry’s investment planning to make it more profitable and intelligent.

3 Contributes to predictive maintenance

Technology provides an improvement in maintenance of the machines. Monitoring becomes real-time, generating data and a passive history of future comparisons.

This way, it is possible to detect problems, failures and errors more quickly and in advance, predicting solutions and avoiding losses that affect the financial health of your production.

The textile industry that has this technological machinery will have an improvement in data analysis, collection and inspection. Everything is automated, making remote monitoring even easier.

This allows for greater productivity, higher product quality and, consequently, reduced operating costs. A Agência Brasileira de Desenvolvimento Industrial (ABDI) estimates that savings on repair costs, when using these technological solutions, could reach R$35 billion per year. In relation to productivity, the reduction in expenses could reach R$31 billion and R$7 billion related to energy savings.

In total, the textile industry that uses 4.0 technology will save R$73 billion per year!

4 Greater productivity

As we saw briefly in the previous reason, technology 4.0 provides greater productivity for your operations. Modern machinery optimizes steps and avoids errors and rework.

This not only guarantees savings due to defects caused by old machines, but also eliminates excessive labor volume thanks to automation.

5 Reduces waste

Reduces waste

To top it off, without rework and unnecessary losses there will be a greater reduction in waste, contributing to the sustainability of the industry. This is actually one of the biggest problems in the sector.

Did you know that only 20% of textile waste generated in Brazil is properly recycled? This is because 80% of them are still incorrectly disposed of in incineration spaces and landfills.

All this in a scenario in which more than 170 thousand tons of textile waste are produced, such as leftover and discarded fabrics. It is even assumed that a cotton shirt is capable of generating 50% surplus.

Therefore, technology 4.0 not only provides more safety for everyone involved in operations, but also for the environment.

Discover Delta’s machines that use 4.0 technology

We are a company specialized in the development of textile machines and efficient processes for the sector. All with Industry 4.0 guidance.

We are concerned with offering the most modern and efficient solutions to contribute to the development of the national and international textile industry.

Therefore, we created the Textile Stenter with the aim of concentrating, in a single process, the impregnation of chemical products, structure alignment, drying and thermofixation of fabrics.

This guarantees automation, productivity, optimization and quality of the final product. The touch, weight and dimensional stability are guaranteed due to Rama’s agility and safety.

In addition, we have in our portfolio the Mesh and Fabric Relaxer. It eliminates the conventional 24 and 48 hour rest period, as the entire process takes just a few minutes.

This machine also automatically calculates weight and yield, offering real information on roll width and footage. This not only contributes to the elimination of dimensional defects in the cut pieces, but also to production savings.

We can also mention the Sublimation Calender, which makes it possible to carry out the process in rolls and cut pieces. It is responsible for standardizing thermotransfer due to the special heating system that provides a uniform temperature throughout the thermal cylinder.

Therefore, this machine guarantees quality in the finalization of printing, agility and productivity throughout the process.

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