5 advantages of a national textile technology supplier

Many times, industries opt for international partners instead of a national supplier. This happens because they believe that the manufacturing machines are more modern and the costs will be lower. However, the reality is not quite like that.

In addition to negotiating values, the cost of exporting, fees, brokers and other processes when choosing external suppliers delays the receipt of your equipment and also increases its cost. These factors do not happen with national products.

If you have any doubts on this subject, we have selected 5 advantages to give preference to negotiations with national suppliers. Understand and avoid spending more than you need.


1. Expenses

Importing products to Brazil ends up being more expensive than buying a top-tier national product. In addition to the price to be paid, there are shipping costs and hiring a freight agent so that he is authorized to transport your equipment.

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After that, upon arriving in Brazil, it is necessary to have a customs agent to nationalize your machine, as it is foreign merchandise entering the country. During this process, inspections will be carried out to ensure that the merchandise is legal and all documentation is up to date.

Furthermore, although in some countries abroad the product itself has the lowest price, taxes and other charges can become more expensive. Not to mention that there are several import laws.


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2. Logistics

The national supplier is considerably more advantageous when considering delivery times and all the procedures mentioned with freight forwarders. So, if you choose an international partner, keep in mind that you will not be able to plan the implementation of the equipment anytime soon.

To give you an idea, goods coming from China, India and Vietnam have a minimum deadline of 60 days, as transport is done on ships. If your equipment presents a failure or unforeseen event that requires an urgent replacement, the international supplier will certainly leave you in the lurch.

This factor does not happen with nationals, as in a few days you will have your equipment in the industry ready to be used, without the need for brokers and import processes.



3. Communication

Another point that can affect both your negotiation and the speed of receiving your equipment is communication. In the case of international suppliers, all support and service is provided in English and there is also the issue of time zones that can delay your planning.

The national supplier will have the same working hours as you, communication is simple, direct and in the same language, which will speed up and greatly facilitate the entire negotiation and delivery process. In fact, this delay can cause problems in your factory’s production efficiency.

So, always look for partners that meet your company’s needs and define an efficient and open channel to establish this relationship.


4. Partnership

It will be considerably easier and more viable to strengthen a relationship with a national supplier than with companies from abroad. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as different cultures, delayed communication and differences in negotiations and legislation.

In this sense, working in partnership with people from the same country is easier, since, in addition to being closer to each other, communication is the same. Not to mention that it will be easier for payment terms and conditions to satisfy both parties, which is a determining factor in maintaining a partnership relationship with any supplier.



5. Legislation

Without a shadow of a doubt, legal issues and compliance with standards are one of the most important aspects when choosing a national supplier. A clear and important example of this is NR12. This regulatory standard is mandatory, however, imported equipment is not always suitable for it. Therefore, it is necessary to align the machine’s characteristics with the guidelines in this NR.

In other words, this will be another cost you will incur when investing in international equipment, whereas this does not happen with national manufacturers. Here in Brazil, machines and equipment are already manufactured in accordance with all national legislation. So, just buy and use, as there is no need to invest in adjustments.

As you can see, choosing national suppliers to invest in their textile technologies and machinery is more affordable than international suppliers. It is also worth highlighting that Brazil has excellent manufacturers with top-notch products, so there is no real need to spend more time and resources on goods from abroad.

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