3 machines to speed up and maintain quality in textile finishing

Optimizing quality in textile finishing is capable of promoting gains in productivity as well as reducing costs.

It is not difficult to combine high productivity, quality and cost reduction when you have modern machines produced to fulfill this objective in textile industries.

Read the following content carefully and find out what these machines are and the advantages of using this technology in your industry’s daily routine.


Advantage of having finishing machines

One of the advantages of having finishing machines is the evolution and updating of processes that makes the industry more productive and less susceptible to failures on the production line.

To stand out from the competition, the textile industry needs high productivity and quality. Não há como ter controle de qualidade no beneficiamento sem falar sobre máquinas modernas e eficientes.

A modernização, automação e atualização dos processos produtivos substituem maquinários antigos e desatualizados, uma fonte perigosa de falhas na linha de produção, gerando:

  • Problems in manufacturing;
  • And unnecessary expenses;
  • Rework or reprocess


After all, old machinery requires a lot of maintenance and is quite limited, as it no longer works at full power to increase the company’s productivity.

For this reason, in this article we leave efficient machines capable of:


Reduce costs

The modernization of production minimizes production failures, reduces waste generated by old machines and makes the process faster, that is, cost reduction becomes the consequence of the quality control that the automation carried out by the machines can implement.


E-book]How to ensure quality control in the textile industry?


Increased productivity

Increasing production capacity by reducing costs and production failures is the desire of every industry, this desire can be realized through process automation.

Boosting productivity — which is the balance between volume, efficiency and quality of production — is a concept that goes hand in hand with process automation. In other words, with the support of modern machines it is possible to increase productivity (avoiding reprocessing and rework).



Competitive advantage

To stand out from the competition, you need to improve your production line, this improvement is entirely possible through the finishing machines developed by Delta.

Quality, cost reduction and high production are the result of a modern and optimized production line.

If your goal is to solve problems generated in the production line due to old and outdated machinery, see below 3 machines to speed up and maintain quality in textile finishing.



3 machines to speed up and maintain quality in textile finishing

1. To distort, open and cut tubular meshes – MWS033 iConcept Flow tubular mesh opener

If there are bottlenecks in the day-to-day industry when it comes to distorting, opening and cutting tubular mesh, know that it is now possible to work in a more intelligent and precise way.

Delta’s MWS033 Tubular Mesh Opener is equipment developed to distort, open and cut tubular mesh with high technology.

Composed by:

  • Automated swivel;
  • Smart sensor;
  • And mesh centralizing system.

The Delta opener accelerates productivity with high standard operational ease.


Does your business have specific needs?

The machine is configurable according to your business needs, so Delta’s Tubular Mesh Opener increases the pace and quality of your production.

Furthermore, this machine minimizes rework costs and material waste, understand a little more about its benefits here: 4 benefits of the MWS033 tubular mesh opener


Developed to increase delivery quality and performance

The Delta opener has a high precision sensor capable of identifying various measures of needle failure.

This technology allows your production to eliminate opening of materials outside of failure, guaranteeing the quality of your product and, consequently, enhancing the industry’s performance in the market.


2. Decrease material waste – EDGE TRIMMER KTS100 iConcept Opti Cut

Is there a lot of waste and waste accumulated in the company’s production line? Delta developed the KTS100 iConcept Opti Cut EDGE TRIMMER with the aim of reducing residue left by textile material and waste.

An efficient production line uses the majority of the material and promotes environmental preservation, minimizing waste disposal.

See some benefits of this machine:

  • Automatic search;
  • Less material waste;
  • Waste reduction.


How can it be used in everyday industry life?

It can be used to optimize the cutting of knit and fabric edges through optical sensors and automated adjustment, reducing material waste.

How much time and money would your company save with high-tech machinery that performs the function of optimizing the cutting of knitted/fabric edges and also reducing waste at a speed of 70m/min?


3. Mesh/fabric centering – Doga Mobile Centralizer Delta CDW022

The Doga Mobile Centralizer Delta CDW022 is a versatile and intelligent piece of equipment, developed to be used for centralizing mesh/fabric in machines with continuous processes, such as:

  • Rama;
  • Compactors;
  • Printing Machines;
  • Untwisters and Mesh Openers, among others.

See the benefits of the equipment for the daily life of the industry

  • Automated mesh/fabric centering/alignment system;
  • Electronic centralizing sensor encapsulated in a robust aluminum profile;
  • Cylinder pulled and synchronized avoiding stretching;
  • 100% national technology.

This way we avoid mesh instability, which creates problems in textile processing.


Delta - quality in textile finishing


Speeding up production and maintaining quality in textile finishing

The machines presented here were developed by Delta with high technology and the aim of accelerating production while maintaining product quality. The technology allows the combination of these two characteristics that are crucial to the success of your textile industry.

Discover more machines produced by us here: textile processing.

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