What is the difference between Hydro Sprinkler Station x Hydro Sprinkler

Hydro sprinkler

Our equipment is developed with performance and high productivity in mind for the textile industry. Each of them performs efficiently and effectively whether they are together or not. We also think about the high performance of our products being together, a Examples are the Hydro Sprinkler Station and the Hydro Sprinkler.

The Hydro Sprinkler Station is a machine for applying specific chemicals and recovering residual moisture from the mesh/rolled fabric lost during the finishing process, improving the quality of the final product.

The Hydro Sprinkler, which can be used in various textile finishing processes, to apply softeners, anti-flame treatments, waterproofing, water and chemicals, thus recovering the natural moisture of the mesh/fabric.

Both can work together and make your textile process, within your company, much more efficient, with high productivity and added value to your raw material.


Hydro Sprinkler: Single Hat and Double Hat

Hydro Sprinkler is a technology focused on differentiated finishes through the uniform and contactless application of liquids such as water, softeners and various chemicals with a direct relationship to the cost of the process and the final quality of the tubular or open mesh/fabric.

Delta serves both the Single Hat (a single Hydro Sprinkler) and the Double Hat, maintaining its efficiency in returning the mesh/fabric to its moisture, without failures in application and without wasting products or water.

Hydro sprinkler



  • Reduces input consumption
  • Uniform and controlled application across the entire width and length of the mesh/fabric
  • Time reduction in the drying process
  • Data integration into ERP management systems
  • Recovers the softness of knits and fabrics
  • Differentiated quality in the final product

Hydro sprinkler

Where exactly it works: It can be installed at the input and output of the Rama, input or output of a compaction calender, sanforizer, steamer.


  • Reduction in Set UP time;
  • Uniformity in application;
  • Apply product to both sides of the material.

A differentiated technology for applying water or chemicals through an efficient rotor system.

Hydro sprinkler



At the entrance to Rama

When applying softeners, this technology provides several benefits:

  • Reduces article setup time due to contactless application
  • Eliminates bath distraction
  • Eliminates bath contamination
  • With an ideal pick-up, Rama’s productivity increases
  • Reduces inputs in foulard by up to 50%
  • Product reuse for multiple items

Departure from Rama

  • Differentiated finish through the recovery of the natural regain (moisture) of the fiber lost in the drying process.
  • Differentiated finishing through the application of softeners, raising the quality level of the article.


  • Better sewability
  • Better fit
  • Static reduction
  • Improves the feel of the article


Hydro sprinkler



At the calender entrance

  • With the application of moisture entering the calender helps to improve compaction efficiency

At the exit of the calender

  • Recovers the natural regain (moisture) lost in the compaction process, increasing the softness of the final product.

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