What to Consider When Choosing New Machinery for Industry?

It is nothing new that, since the advent of industry and its processes, in the mid-19th century, manufacturing and the world economy have seen growth never seen before. Analyzing what was responsible for this growth two centuries ago, we can relate that there is something in common with what is needed today: investment in industrial machinery, to improve production and bring greater profits to your business.

It is no surprise that the machinery industry is one of the fastest growing every year. In other words, the market understands that, to improve its production, it is necessary to invest in automation and new technologies, which are often responsible for increasing productivity and reducing the margin of loss of raw materials and products in the manufacturing line.

To help you with this task, in this article we present what you need to take into consideration when choosing industrial machinery. Follow along below.


Advantages of choosing new machinery for industry

Maintaining the production of an optimized and productive industry is essential. And, for this, new, more modern machinery can bring great benefits. Between them:

  • Potentially, your production will experience fewer failures and rework.
  • There will be less need for maintenance of new equipment compared to those becoming obsolete.
  • Your industry will be more efficient.
  • There will be increased safety in your production processes.
  • The productivity of your industry will grow, which favors an increase in profitability.


How to Make a Good Deal When Buying Machinery for Industry?

Firstly, you need to be aware of the investments that new machinery for the industry requires, both to acquire it and to maintain it.

Expenses for maintenance, employee training, and skilled labor to operate the equipment should be considered. Therefore, plan your finances well before starting to replace your machinery. .

However, your machinery replacement process won’t only consist of expenses. Consider that to grow and differentiate your products and services, it’s necessary to invest in improvements.

Once done, define which equipment will add the most value to your factory floor. To do this, research successful cases in the market with the machinery for the industry you intend to acquire. It is often possible to find opinions from professionals who have adapted their machinery to newer processes and machines and understand the general implications of this choice.

Also research the origin and benefits that the brand you chose offers, such as guarantees and exchanges.


Consult all necessary standards

This point is very important and is often mistakenly left aside. Before investing in any new equipment, make sure it complies with the standards that regulate your processes.


NR-12 is an example that regulates the safety of working environments with machines and equipment. Thinking about the well-being of employees is a way to encourage them to perform well and engage in the company’s objectives, in addition to ensuring their safety. Therefore, purchase equipment approved under NR-12 and train your workforce to avoid accidents when handling the new machinery.

Another important factor that must be considered is the periodic maintenance of equipment. It is common, as a way to avoid expenses, for companies to choose to cut maintenance expenses.

This practice can be dangerous, as it is through periodic maintenance that greater expenses in the future on equipment repairs and possible accidents with employees can be avoided, which can even stop the factory floor.

Therefore, think about how many unforeseen events a single culture of planning and maintenance can avoid. Acting proactively is always safer and less costly.

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