Delta Equipamentos celebrates 10 years of Febratex

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The largest textile industry fair in the Americas, the Brazilian Textile Industry Fair (Febratex), will hold its 16th edition from August 21st to 24th in Blumenau. And in the neighboring city of Pomerode is where Delta Equipamentos is headquartered, which this year celebrates its 6th participation in Febratex.

It has been 10 years since we started participating in the fair. This is an important milestone for us because it represents a period of significant evolution for the company in the pursuit of innovative solutions to optimize the production chain of the sector.

In 2018, we combined Delta’s experience in customized manufacturing technologies and process automation with the expertise gained through continuous updates and participation in numerous national and international textile fairs.

We will be among the more than 3,000 participating brands at Febratex, coming from different regions of Brazil and abroad, and we aim to impact the textile market again with smart solutions and machinery.

Our focus is on innovative equipment that eliminates waste. The lack of data and other obstacles in the production chain, from weaving to clothing. Leading textile industries to achieve greater competitiveness in the globalized market.

Among our most recent solutions are the RLX 300 Knit and Fabric Relaxer, the automatic roll packer, and the REV 700 Open Mesh Inspector.

The RLX300 Knit and Fabric Relaxer is equipment created to achieve maximum quality in the preparation of articles for production programming.

It is useful in the quality control process and also in receiving rolls of knits and fabrics. In addition to having excellent performance in preparing rolls for cutting (laying).

As some of the benefits of this automation solution can be listed: the elimination of the process of diapering the knit/fabric; the space needed to let the laid fabric rest; the 24 or 48 hours normally used for resting; the winding of the diapered fabric after resting and the process of laying the diapered fabric. Furthermore, the RLX 300 operates in an automated process that provides real length and width information on every roll and facilitates cutting programing. Thanks to the actual length and width information.

To make automation even more complete. The relaxer offers options such as a digital ruler sensor for width measurement (minimum, average, and maximum); software for monitoring and providing length and width information, and a label printer.

With a 360º view of the production process, at Delta Equipamentos, we study how the fabric/knit arrives at the textile industry. This way, we can create viable solutions that directly influence the product that will reach the end consumer.

With this concern, we developed the Open Mesh Inspector REV150 iConcept View.. This is the right machine to reduce interferences caused in the final product by problems in the raw material. The gains come through the expected quality of the piece. Guaranteeing cost control and consumer satisfaction with the product.

On the other hand, the Automatic Roll Packer EWB700 iConcept Packing is the most modern equipment in the process of packaging knit/fabric rolls. Its technology reduces plastic consumption and makes it faster and more efficient. It is the perfect equipment for distribution centers and sales of knitwear and fabric in rolls.

To get to know up close these and other intelligent solutions that have made Delta Equipamentos one of the main exhibitors at Febratex, just visit its booth at this 16th edition. We will be exhibiting our products in sector 01, corner between streets 02 and 06 of Parque Vila Germânica, from 2 pm to 9 pm.

Our other solutions for the various stages of the textile chain can still be seen at the blog, on Delta’s social media and on our catalog.

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