Urbano invests in technology to carry out 4-hour tests in just 15 minutes, raising its quality level!

urban textile success story

Time is one of the most valuable assets in production. Especially in the reality of Industry 4.0 that we live in, where processes are increasingly automated and agile.

Therefore, today we want to present the success story of Urbano Têxtil. The company, by adopting the Delta Sample Washer in its activities, saved time and costs and gained a lot in productivity and quality!

Follow all the information about this project below and get inspired to make these improvements in your industry too.

Urbano Têxtil: another success story for our list!

We are there 14 years on the market, following the main needs of the national and Latin American textile industry.

Therefore, we know how to meet demands with technologies that result in greater productivity, as we did in this successful case with Urbano Têxtil.

This is just one of the many examples we have to share about how we work to provide customers with solutions that combine high productivity with the best market practices.

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What were Urbano Têxtil’s needs before the Delta Sample Washer?

This success story is further proof of how automation promotes improvements in the processes for evaluating tissue dimensional changes. At the beginning, the company presented the following needs to the Delta team:

  • Improve process time;
  • Optimize the consumption of raw materials and energy;
  • Improve the assertiveness and productivity of tests;
  • Make assertive use of labor;
  • Standardize production.

Before automating the testing process, Urbano Têxtil took up to four hours to separate the fabric samples, wash and dry the products. And it is also worth remembering that the company carried out its processes on domestic machines.

The process was carried out as follows: the roll of each batch (batch) was opened on the table, cutting a sample from the end. Right away, the collected samples were washed in a domestic machine, where they would remain for 45 minutes.

After the washing cycle, the samples were dried in a tambler machine where they remained for approximately 1h30m.

Therefore, in addition to the delay in obtaining test results, Urbano Têxtil suffered from possibilities of doubtful and very contradictory results, which often led the team to repeat the procedure to confirm the results.

How did Delta’s solution help Urbano Têxtil reduce production time?

The solution found by the Delta Máquinas Têxteis team for Urbano Têxtil was the implementation of Sample Washer in the processes. This intelligent equipment in the portfolio was specially developed to speed up the response in laboratory tests and generate reliable results.

Modern and efficient, the machine replaces domestic washers and dryers, making it possible to reduce test time from 4 hours to just 15 minutes. Furthermore, the Delta Sample Washer also optimizes the use of knits and fabrics by helping to reduce material waste.

Therefore, now, all the work takes place much faster, just using the washing machine. There was also a 75% reduction in the consumption of raw materials used in the tests, through the current use of smaller samples, measuring 20 cm x 20 cm, and 12% of electrical energy in this process.

urban textile success story

Processes occur in accordance with the requirements of regulatory standards

With the Delta Sample Washer, the fabric testing routine was centralized, meeting all the requirements of regulatory standards AATCC 135 and AATCC 187 and ISO 6330.

To top it off, theIn addition to evaluating shrinkage, using the Delta Washer it is possible to perform torsion analysis (NBR12958) with the same sample.

Sample washer

Guaranteed final product quality

A Delta Sample Washer determines, through washing and drying cycles, the percentage of mesh shrinkage.

This facilitates monitoring of the production process, which results in higher final product quality. Therefore, it contributes to the production of even better fabrics and tested in conditions increasingly realistic to today’s domestic washing and drying conditions.

In this way, it is possible to prove that automation contributes to improving final production, since, in the shrinkage test, the equipment also allows the fabric torsion test to be carried out.

Now it’s time to transform your industry into a textile success story too!

In this successful case, by improving processes, changing the conventional method by the current dimensional change assessment method, Urbano Têxtil achieved many benefits. Among them, the main ones are:

Therefore, with a single tailored Delta solution, designed to optimize the company’s production, Urbano Têxtil managed to improve many results.

And, through the standardization of tests, Urbano Têxtil is now able to deliver products with greater reliability, producing knitwear that makes a difference in the production of pieces with greater added value.

It is worth mentioning that, due to its high technology, the equipment transmits more precise information, determining, for example, the percentage of mesh shrinkage according to the washing and testing cycles.

We also remember that the Delta Sample Washer is just one of the countless pieces of equipment that make up a complete portfolio.

These are solutions that combine operational intelligence and standardization, providing the collection of strategic data to increase the results of the textile industries.

Focusing on industry 4.0, we align automation, data management and standardization of intelligent processes.

In this sense, if you want to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your industry, request a free quote!

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