10 reasons for you to choose a national supplier of textile machinery and equipment!


Having a national supplier of textile machinery facilitates production and reduces costs for your industry. This considerably increases production efficiency.

Most industries believe that, by investing in foreign suppliers, they will be doing a good business and receiving high-tech equipment. However, national suppliers also make use of these innovations.

Furthermore, when closing a deal with national companies, support will be provided entirely in the original language and following the same rules and regulations. This also avoids import and customs fees, for example.

Therefore, in this text you will see the advantages of choosing a national supplier of textile machinery and equipment, and the advancement of technology in the Brazilian scenario.

Technology in the textile industry in Brazil

The Industry 4.0 arrived to change the entire scenario, including for national suppliers. The concept concerns the combination of automation, productivity and innovation, generating better results.

Anyone who wants to increase production efficiency must be aware of market innovations, adapting to new demands. Therefore, the most modern textile machinery technologies will not just be something exclusive to foreign suppliers. Anyone who still thinks that Brazil is not a technologically up-to-date country is mistaken.

According to TextBrasil, on the report by the Brazilian Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry (Abit), the projection is that the textile industry should grow 7.4% in Brazil, which will result in two million tons produced. This demonstrates that the country is following trends and developing.

Therefore, we have put together 10 reasons for you to choose a national supplier of textile machinery and equipment:

1 Reduced costs with the acquisition of equipment

Let’s imagine the following scenario: during market research, a textile machine appears to have a more advantageous price for your company. However, she comes from another country. When you start to finalize the purchase, you realize that the converted value is not that different from the price of national machines and there is also a shipping cost.

Therefore, when purchasing equipment from other countries the cost of the process becomes high. This is due to import values, freight, shipping agent, fees and brokers. So, even if the machine is cheaper in another country, the sum of this value with the cost of bureaucracy can result in it being equal to the price of a national machine or even exceeding this amount.

Therefore, it is more advantageous to purchase textile machinery and equipment directly from renowned national suppliers in the market.

2 Cost reduction in support with national textile machinery supplier

A national supplier has a specialized team ready to respond to any call, while an international supplier has a reduced team. And with a smaller team, you won’t always be able to get assistance when you need it. Have you ever thought about the impact that a stopped machine can have on production? This can cause maintenance management to lose financial and productivity.

In addition to the agility in service, the availability of parts is another differentiator. This agrees with the previous advantage. Waiting for the import of an item needed for repair, apart from the issue of the import exchange rate, can cause a lot of headaches.

3 Easy access to parts and accessories for machinery that needs replacement

As mentioned above, in addition to the difficulty with support in the event of an imported machine breaking down, obtaining parts to repair it will not be easy.

Not every company from another country will have Brazilian representatives, which makes it difficult to purchase items for exchange. Therefore, it will often be necessary to purchase from the same company or from foreign representatives.

We have yet another value impasse. Import costs and fees are not worth it in the same way as purchasing textile machines from a national supplier. Furthermore, the cost of downtime while you wait for the part to arrive will only increase production value and decrease performance.

4 Legislation

The NR12 is a Regulatory Standard No. 12 (NR12) that was created in 1978 to regularize articles 184 and 186 of Chapter V of the CLT. It guarantees greater safety when handling textile machines. This is just an example of rules that must be followed by equipment.

However, not all foreign machines will comply with this standard and other Brazilian safety and use legislation. Therefore, when purchasing from national suppliers, there will be no need to adapt the machines. Which facilitates production and optimizes work.

Added to this, labor laws differ in each country. Therefore, by purchasing national machines you will also be encouraging national regulated work. And there will be no risk of supporting illegal work without knowledge.

5 Logistics

This is perhaps one of the main reasons to invest in national suppliers, since the product delivery time is what will determine when production can actually begin.

If you buy equipment that comes from China, for example, the average delivery time is three months because the goods come by ship. Therefore, with national purchasing, time decreases, which already allows for greater agility in production.

And all of this complicates the main objective of this area, which is, according to Blog Logística, “delivering the right product, to the indicated location, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost”.

This lack of integration can cause some bottlenecks such as: difficulty in transporting cargo; balance in stock levels; increase in operating costs and need for new hires.

6 Communication and customer relations

Communication and the relationship between supplier and customer is extremely important because it facilitates some processes, such as research and contact. Imagine having to wait for the right time when the international company operates, due to the time zone, to be able to solve a simple problem? Any delay counts on productivity.

Therefore, when choosing a national supplier, communication is easier and clearer due to the use of the same language, which avoids translation noise, for example.

Furthermore, it favors negotiation and provides some payment options. With an international supplier, it is not possible to agree on different options because, once again, communication is not simple and direct. This wear and tear makes the relationship difficult and forces you to follow an international payment standard.

Added to this, some companies, such as Delta Máquinas Têxteis, have the advantage of providing consultancy focused on helping your business find the best equipment that matches your objectives. This makes it easier to understand the necessary care, in addition to allowing quality and personalized service.

7 Durability of the partnership

This reason agrees with the previous one. With established communication and quality service, the opportunities for a lasting partnership between the customer and the supplier increase. Which, with a foreign producer, is generally more difficult.

This connection simplifies processes because in case of doubts or emergencies, you will be able to contact your supplier directly without having to go through bureaucratic procedures.

8 Specialized technical assistance

This is also a complement to the previous reasons. This is because with specialized technical assistance from national suppliers, you can, with greater peace of mind, schedule a technical visit to repair or identify what is wrong with your equipment and even prevent further damage.

Once again, with a national supplier, the textile industrial process becomes more optimized.

9 Standardization

With national machines it is possible to standardize textile products, as they will be manufactured using the same processes. Therefore, ensuring that all your production machines are in the same place will equalize procedures and even facilitate planning. This is also mainly due to national standard measures.

Thus, the quality of the product increases, as well as its perception of value by the consumer.

10 Information in the same language

This reason may seem simple, but it has a huge impact on production efficiency. The information on foreign companies’ websites, manuals and blogs will contain content and details that make more sense for the country of origin, due to the language. Sometimes, there are even terms or jargon that cannot be translated, making understanding difficult.

Therefore, when purchasing textile machines from national suppliers it is easier to analyze research, references and data that will help you update your industry.

Invest in national suppliers to purchase quality textile products and machines

In this text you saw the main reasons to invest in national suppliers and leave aside the common sense that in Brazil there are no companies investing in good technologies and innovations.

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