Textile samples: how to optimize the washing process in industry?

Textile samples: how to optimize the washing process in industry?

The process of washing textile samples tends to be the center of one of the biggest problems in the textile sector. This is because this stage tends to be longer than it should be, delaying manufacturing activities, causing waste and damaging the final quality of the product.

Therefore, promoting the optimization of these operations is an essential practice to keep your industry healthy, productive and profitable.

So check out the main tip below on how to ensure greater agility and savings in these stages.

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Why should the textile sample washing process be optimized?

The long process of washing textile samples is one of the sector’s main pain points. This is because many textile industries still use domestic washers and dryers to carry out these steps.

However, although they work, they generate a long process of around 3 hours. This is because they were not designed to support and handle a large-volume industrial process.

Washing samples, as part of the manufacturing stage, is of great importance in the quality of the final product. Therefore, the agility in the laboratory response allows financial gains, due to savings in raw materials, water, time and energy.

These are important processes to prove the quality of the fabrics, avoid future problems and promote high standards in the final product.

Therefore, to carry out tests on fabrics, check the percentage of shrinkage and study the other characteristics of textile samples, it is essential to promote greater productivity. As well as, optimization of input analysis and ensuring better quality control.

But all of this will only be possible with the help of modern Sample Washers developed with a focus on industrial operations. They are capable of, with the washing cycle, determining the percentage of shrinkage and twisting for more efficient evaluation and monitoring.

The implementation of intelligent and efficient equipment provides databases for controlling stages and making strategic decisions. It also guarantees more competitive prices, agility in washing and quality.

And of course, with a more optimized and automated textile sample washing process there will be a reduction in waste, rework and, consequently, costs.

Therefore, the acquisition of efficient and qualified machines for this stage is an investment that guarantees future results in terms of profitability, agility and productivity. Therefore, promoting a greater financial return for your textile industry.

How does the Delta Sample Washer help with this process?

How does the Delta Sample Washer help with this process?

The Delta DWM555 Sample Washer – iConcept Smart solves the pain mentioned above. With it, the washing of textile samples will not be carried out for approximately 3 more hours. Quite the opposite!

It reduces completion time to just 14 minutes! This way, it will be possible to carry out more tests in a shorter period of time, providing more productivity and agility in the manufacturing phases, not just in the washing process.

After all, the faster and more efficient the previous steps are, the entire operation will be optimized.

This is an intelligent Delta Máquinas Têxteis solution developed to carry out tests in a qualified and appropriate manner, generating one of the most important savings: water. After all, it is through the washing and drying cycles that it indicates the correct percentage of mesh shrinkage.

The retail giant Havan realized the power of this machine and bet on it. The company has 21 people to carry out visual and dimensional inspection, as well as machines that further automate the steps.

And this is where Havan invested in Delta Sample Washers to further improve the thorough inspection of its products. This is because the company’s main objective is to guarantee high quality in the final product.

Therefore, retailers invested in technology as a great ally in this process. Havan’s product manager, Juliana Nunes, states that the acquisition of the solution was due to the increased productivity of the stage when thinking about the high volume of parts received and tested at the Havan Distribution Center.

Juliana also says that the intelligence of the equipment is one of the biggest differentiators. And “Another advantage is water savings, which means you can use up to 80% less”.

In short, the automation and standardization of procedures with the help of the Textile Sample Washer guarantees a more efficient, agile and productive manufacturing process.

some more differentiators of the Sample Washer

There are some details about the DWM555 Sample Washer that make it even more essential for washing in the textile industry.

The first of these is its touch screen operation panel. This attribute helps and facilitates the change of characteristics such as volume, pressure, speed, water temperature and cycle.

During its use, it is possible to identify and monitor the steps through the panel, ensuring the quality of the step.

It also has small compartments for placing fabrics. This means that smaller parts of the textile samples can be used. Therefore, the DWM555 reduces material waste by up to 75%

And of course, with efficiency and productivity during the process, the pieces will have higher quality, avoiding textile waste, rework and additional costs. Which, consequently, contributes to the development of more environmentally friendly and sustainable production processes.

Here it is important to emphasize that in addition to saving inputs and water, the Washer also promotes less use of electricity. That is, it reduces costs without affecting quality in any way.

Finally, it is responsible for standardizing the method for evaluating dimensional changes, generating greater agility in batch release and promoting high quality standards for final parts.

Count on Delta Máquinas Têxteis solutions

Here at Delta Máquinas Têxteis we care about providing solutions that truly collaborate with our customers’ routine. Therefore, we constantly invest in innovation, textile technology and constant improvement.

We are always attentive to the main pain points and needs of the textile industry to present machines and equipment that contribute to solving them.

The Sample Washer is just one of our main examples of dedication to helping productivity and agility in the stages. This is because we believe that offering efficient solutions not only helps with the growth of our customers, but also the textile sector as a whole.

For us at Delta, promoting improvement is the same as guaranteeing the development of the market, making it increasingly solid and fertile.

Therefore, in addition to the DWM555, we have a complete portfolio of solutions that help with the standardization, agility, performance, quality and safety of textile activities.

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