Textile machines at Colombiatex: Delta’s presence abroad

In addition to being the fourth largest producer of knitwear and second largest textile employer in the world, according to Abit, Brazil is also a reference in solutions for this sector. Our textile machines, for example, are recognized for the quality and practicality that they bring to the fashion industry.

And in January, we were at one of the biggest fairs in Latin America related to the segment: Colombiatex de Las Américas. See here what our visit to Medellín was like and which textile machines stood out on the world market.

A post-pandemic vision: the return in person

After an uncertain period and an online version, Colombiatex returned in a hybrid format. The in-person fair focused mainly on promoting business and presenting textile solutions for the continent’s industry.

Delta, of course, was present at the event, which took place from February 25th to 27th. More than 400 exhibitors and more than 10 thousand visitors attended the event.

New developments in textile machinery shook the fair

For those who cannot attend Colombiatex in person, we highlight here 3 solutions that we presented during the fair, and which were successful at the stand. Check it out!

Reviewer REV170

In addition to being suitable for NR12 and successful in Brazil, the reviewer won over businesspeople from different countries. This textile machine is used in the fabric quality analysis process. Its difference is that the sensors automatically identify possible defects in the fabric. Thus, even during the raw material review phase, it is possible to identify and prevent failures in the production process.

This solution is fully aligned with the industry 4.0 concept, providing reliable data reading to optimize textile production.

Relaxer RLX600

This is one of those textile machines that cannot be missing from industrial production. Used in the fabric preparation process – the so-called relaxation, which facilitates the cutting of the pieces – it reduces the time from 24 or 48 hours for preparing the raw material to just a few minutes.

It also provides data integration with the industry management system and optimizes production, standardizing the process.

Sample washer DWM555

One of the textile machines at Colombiatex that excited buyers. The Washer is used when testing inputs and has a series of benefits. It replaces conventional domestic equipment. Shrinkage and torsion tests are carried out and it is possible to reduce not only testing time, but also to concentrate more data and analysis in the same process. It is the ideal machine to bring the best product to the end consumer, with the certainty of a highly qualitative production.

Automatic roll wrapping machine

100% national technology to make the packaging process practical and efficient. In addition to ensuring standardization, this machine eliminates waste in plastic consumption. Another advantage of the product is the reduction of the ergonomic impact on the employee’s routine.

If you want to know more about the textile machines at Colombiatex and how Delta’s solutions are making a difference in the Latin American industry, contact our team of experts!

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