Delta invests in the foreign textile market – check out the details!

After two challenging years, the foreign textile market is regaining momentum. In January 2022, Colombiatex, one of the largest textile fairs in Latin America, resumed its in-person schedule. And this recovery also brought Delta a strengthening of the brand’s presence in other countries. Check out our action plans for the foreign textile market here.

Our performance in the textile industry

In 2021, Delta ended the year with 29% growth in revenue. This result is the sum of our national presence and also our operations in the foreign textile market, which should grow even more in the annual representation of our results.

Currently, the largest sales region for our automation solutions for the fashion industry is Southern Brazil. Santa Catarina, where the segment is second in revenue volume, represents 74% of the company’s sales.

To get an idea of the importance of the state for the Brazilian textile sector – and what justifies this sales volume – in 2021, R$36.2 billion in taxes were generated in the state.

What are we doing for internationalization

We believe that it is not enough to want to be in the foreign textile market – we need to prepare ourselves and create real plans for this. We invest in research and development, with a view to products linked to industry 4.0, automation and cost reduction with better use of inputs, in addition to reducing electricity and water in the production process.

Our CEO, Fabio Kreutzfeld, highlights:

“The favorable moment of foreign currency and the high production volume of the fashion industry in Latin American countries brings us a very interesting perspective of growth. Internationalization is a path that we have already been following throughout of the last 10 years and to this end we have strengthened our presence through major fairs, such as Colombiatex, in Colombia, Exintex in Mexico, Emitex in Argentina, Expotextil in Peru and ITMA in Europe”.

In addition to Brazil, Delta maintains business with countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, and has invested in strengthening partnership relationships with local representatives.


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