Textile fairs in 2022: check out the events and why to participate

textile fairs

Textile fairs are important events for gaining knowledge and doing business. Furthermore, the connections generated in this type of environment can be useful in the future, improving networking.

Therefore, in this text you will see the importance of these events, the fairs that Delta Máquinas Têxteis participated in 2021, and in which we will be present this year bringing more news.

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The importance of participating in textile fairs

Textile fairs are fertile environments for developing your business. Participating in these events, regardless of the size of your company, helps to improve your strategic vision and encourages the generation of new ideas.

Despite still being a year of uncertainty, considering the water crisis and economic recovery, the textile market in 2022 has a hopeful forecast. According to the data from the Brazilian Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry (Abit), cited by TexBrasil, the sector tends to grow 7.4% in 2022, compared to the numbers from the previous period, reaching 2 million tons produced.

As for revenue, more than 57 billion reais is expected for this new year. This amount results in an increase of 9.2% compared to the previous period.

Therefore, being aware of the scenario and updates that favor the development of your business is essential for its health and growth. And textile fairs are the best environment to acquire knowledge.

Therefore, it is possible to participate in events with a partner’s stand, your own stand or even as a visitor. In any case, professional development is guaranteed, as the exchange of information and contacts are essential for insights and innovation.

The benefits for your business of participating in fairs

textile fairs

Regardless of your chosen form of participation, considering that it will depend on your business model and objectives, being present at these fairs can bring some benefits.

The main thing is the best known: knowing the latest news in the sector. Fairs are a productive environment to launch new products, services or present new ideas. Here innovation is the keyword for better updating, strategic planning and development of the area.

However, there are other advantages. One of them is the extensive knowledge acquired from the entire production cycle of the textile sector. If you feel there is an area you are not familiar with and want to improve, this is your chance. This will make it easier to understand your business processes and how to optimize them.

In addition, there is networking with professionals in the textile segment and with references in the sector. The lectures, debates and conversations are enriching to motivate and share experiences. Furthermore, they open doors to future business opportunities and increase your contact list.

Finally, there is still the possibility of surveying the competition and analyzing what has been done. This way, you can understand what works and what doesn’t. This also helps to understand the level of competitiveness and productivity of your business compared to others.

It is worth highlighting that by positioning your company as an exhibitor, you will be acquiring these benefits and notoriety. It will be easier for professionals to get to know you without the need to search for more contacts.

Retrospective of the fairs that took place in 2021

The year 2021 was marked by major textile fairs and Delta Máquinas was present at them.

From October 18th to 21st, Fespa Digital Printing took place in São Paulo (SP), at Expo Center Norte. And it was at this event that Delta presented, at the stand of commercial partner Diskprint, an unprecedented solution for the pre-treatment phase: the Digital Print Preparator (PID100).

Exintex took place on October 26th and 29th. This time, Delta went to Puebla, Mexico, to participate in this great event and present its portfolio to an international audience.

This is also an event of authority and credibility in the sector, being one of the references in Latin America. The fair brings together more than a thousand exhibitors and solutions that encompass the entire production chain in the area.

The main textile fairs for 2022

Now that we understand the benefits of participating in sector fairs, check out two of the biggest events in the textile sector for the year 2022, in which Delta Máquinas Têxteis will be present.

It is worth highlighting that both fairs are excellent for finding the main players in the textile sector, expanding your presence in this market and generating new business opportunities.


The Colombiatex is a fair with a history in the market. The first edition was in 1980, being considered the first fair focused on the textile segment in Latin America.

This is an event well recognized in the sector for having a large quantity and quality of exhibitors. Furthermore, this is a fair that usually takes place at the beginning of the year, opening up space for conversations about innovation in the first few days of January.

The international event will take place from January 25th to 27th, in Medellín Colombia Plaza Mayor. Delta Máquinas Têxteis will participate in the fair with its own stand.


The Febratex Fair is an event for the textile and clothing industry that is also well recognized. The last edition raised important numbers. There were 300 exhibitors, 50 thousand visitors and 2400 brands.

This year’s edition will be held at Parque Vila Germânica, in Bairro da Velha, in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, from the 23rd to the 26th of August. Delta Máquinas Têxteis will also participate with its own stand.

Next steps

This content demonstrated the importance of knowing how to take advantage of the textile fair environment to promote and strengthen your business. Being up to date with market news and research is the best way to create your business strategies and optimize production processes.

If you want to prepare even more for the fairs and this new year, download our free guide on innovation and partnerships to reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of your industry.

textile fairs

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