Delta Máquinas presents an unprecedented solution for fabric pre-treatment during Fespa Digital Printing 2021

In addition to providing more vivid colors, the Digital Printing Preparator is ideal for processing small batches and guaranteeing the industry a continuous, low-cost process.

Delta Máquinas Têxteis will present a unique solution in the country for the pre-treatment of fabrics during Fespa Digital Printing 2021, which takes place between the 18th and 21st of October, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP). It is a Digital Printing Preparator, the PID100, which will be displayed next to the commercial partner Diskprint’s stand.

Ideal for ensuring a low-cost continuous process and roll-to-roll treatment, the Digital Printing Preparator provides faster fabric preparation. “The machine facilitates the application of the primer and can be used to prepare various compounds, such as pure cotton, viscose or natural cellulose fibers, for example. The process guarantees vivid colors, high-resolution images and washability”, highlights Delta CEO, Fábio Kreutzfeld.

The PID100 also has automated drying control, providing a unique quality standard for all fabrics prepared using the machine. In addition to making the process faster and more standardized, the solution also guarantees cost reduction through better use of inputs and greater productivity, carrying out preparation on an industrial scale.

The launch is eagerly awaited by the market, as it promises to be an intelligent solution that will bring great results to the industry. It is worth highlighting that Delta Máquinas Têxteis has two other machines focused on the digital printing segment, they are: Sublimation Calender and the Dryer for digital printers. Its portfolio already has more than 60 products for the entire chain, serving not only Brazil, but all of Latin America.


Fespa Digital Printing 2021

October 18th to 21st – 1pm to 8pm

Blue Pavilion at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP)

Stand Diskprint + Delta: 616


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