It’s time to define your investment in textile machinery for 2023

Investment in textile machinery

With each passing year, it is necessary to monitor market volatility and invest in more efficient and modern textile machines. Only in this way will it be possible to provide what the market and consumers demand.

With this in mind, in this article we have gathered real numbers and results that prove the importance of investing in textile machinery for 2023. And we also present the newest solutions on the market. Check it out!

Why invest in modern textile machines?

When starting to develop planning for next year, it is necessary to consider the need for investment in textile machinery. The Textile technology is essential to guarantee the agility of processes.

With more modern machinery, it is possible to have greater productivity and optimization by avoiding errors and rework. Consequently, there will be greater savings by eliminating the need for a large volume of labor and the number of defects caused by older machines.

Therefore, the material waste will also be reduced due to greater control of information. And of course, more security will also be provided for everyone involved in the operations.

By eliminating these risks, investing in modern and innovative textile machines guarantees positive effects on the profitability and efficiency of production. After all, the processes will be standardized and will follow industry standards, guaranteeing the quality of the stages and even environmental responsibility.

To add, smart textile machines are able to more easily meet new consumer demands. This way, it is even possible to perform mass customization with the help of automation.

With the dynamism of the market, it is no longer acceptable to bet on tools from past generations. Investment in textile machinery guarantees future gains.

For example, Urbano Têxtil , before investing in modern solutions, took 4 hours to separate fabric samples, wash and dry the products. This is because domestic machines were used to carry out these processes.

After investing in technology and innovation with the Sample Washer, tests can now be carried out in just 15 minutes, resulting in greater agility, optimization and quality.

Therefore, the acquisition of modern technology and machinery should be a priority in investment planning for 2023 if you want your industry to become more intelligent, efficient and competitive.

The impact of the current scenario

In the current context, investment in textile machinery becomes even more essential to ensure the development of the industry. The numbers pointed out by Abit, and cited by CNN, demonstrate optimism for the market. In 2021 alone, the sector’s revenue reached R$194 billion, 20% higher than in 2020.

However, there are still some concerns in the industry. For example, the cost of electricity. The constant variations in the tariff flag harm industry planning.

In parallel, even the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE) stating that in the first half of June the demand for this resource reached an increase of 1.3%, the textile industry showed a decline in this consumption. The information is that the sector reached -2.2%, compared to the same period of the previous year.

These numbers only reinforce the importance of knowing how to overcome market changes and investing in intelligent solutions to collaborate with these practices. Therefore, this is the time to invest in automation to reduce costs, without affecting productivity and production quality.

Textile machines, developed with a focus on industry 4.0, are capable of optimizing processes and generating a high and rapid return on investment. This is done through better use of inputs, reducing waste and resource costs, as previously discussed.

Another good example is from Objeto Brasil, which invested in the same Sample Washer used by Urbano Têxtil and managed to achieve monthly savings of more than R$15,000.00 due to a 75% reduction in mesh consumption and electricity bills.

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Delta and its commitment to the development of technological solutions

The Delta Máquinas Têxteis is a company specialized in automation solutions, focusing on Industry 4.0. We are committed to creating modern and efficient solutions to collaborate with the development of the national and international textile industry.

Our machines generate optimization, efficiency and quality of processes by presenting accurate data and relevant information about production capacity.

We believe that the sector evolves with a lot of innovation. Therefore, in addition to supplying textile machinery and equipment, we provide production cycle consultancy to our customers. The aim is to help identify possible failures so that we can find the best solutions together.

When planning for 2023, keep in mind investing in modern machines from partners that help grow your industry, such as Delta.

Delta news that makes a difference in results

Delta news that makes a difference in results

In 2022, we launched two more innovative solutions that aim to generate even more efficiency and optimization of textile processes. The first of them is the Textile Stenter.

This machine arrives to celebrate our 15 years on the market. The RDS1000 has the technology applied to the product as its main characteristic and differentiator.

The Stenter is a differentiated solution and uses Brazilian technology! This machine is essential for the fabric preparation and finishing stages. It carries out the impregnation of chemical products, structure alignment, drying and thermofixation of fabrics in a single process. Therefore, it can reach up to 50 meters!

The automation of these phases generates grammage and dimensional stability, improving agility and safety. And like all our other machines, it is capable of integrating data in real time with the ERP. Therefore, it is possible to have greater monitoring and control of variables, guaranteeing quality and eliminating rework.

The Sublimation Calender was another launch this year! The CTM450 can be used for sublimation on rolls and cut pieces. Its cooling system is automated, with two temperature, meter and speed adjustment options.

This machine standardizes heat transfer and contains a special heating system that provides uniform temperature throughout the thermal cylinder. In this way, it ensures high quality in the finalization of the printing.

As it is also an automation solution, it guarantees agility, quality and productivity throughout the entire process.

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