How can technology reduce rework in textile production?

In order to save money, many companies are reluctant to replace old equipment that still works. The fact is that, despite working, outdated machinery can often be hindering productivity and reducing profits, causing rework in production.

To better understand how technology can solve this issue and how worthwhile it is, keep reading!


Increases the useful life of machinery

Equipment that was produced years ago does not have the same technology as today. With the advancement of modernity, functions have emerged that allow a series of benefits, including increasing the useful life of the machinery itself.

Now we know what problems occur over the years and, through technology, it is possible to avoid them, introducing advances based on the needs encountered. As a result, the durability of the equipment is greater, meaning there are even fewer costs with maintenance and unscheduled downtime.



Streamlines processes to avoid rework in production

One of the problems that existed was the delay in carrying out the processes. To carry out tests on fabrics and analyze the percentage of shrinkage, fading and other characteristics, for example, many companies used domestic washers and dryers.

As they are not made for industrial use, they work, but they take up to three hours to carry out the process, in addition to requiring a large amount of fabric and water. With technology optimizations, sample washers emerged, which test small pieces of fabric in just 20 minutes.

As a result, fabric and sample testing can be carried out faster, with higher quality and in a more automated manner, generating fewer failures and streamlining the productivity of the production process.


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Adapting to new trends in the sector

Industry 4.0 technology allows the qualities of the pieces produced to evolve, so much so that many current equipment are developed for specific types of fabrics. Despite increasing the amount of machinery required, this means that parts are manufactured with higher quality, in addition to optimizing operation, economy and safety.a. In fact, some parts models can only be manufactured using more technological equipment, therefore, manufacturers who postpone modernization end up risking being left behind.




Advanced quality control

It’s not difficult to find clothing companies with problems that they don’t know how to solve simply because they don’t understand where the error is and how to solve them. With the help of technology, processes become more improved, to the point of being able to identify the need to change suppliers, machinery, operators or even the layout of machines in the factory.

Our client, Objeto Brasil — a textile industry in Pomerode/SC — had a large production capacity, but was only able to produce half of it, in addition to having process failures.

Through our production consultancy, we identified that the raw material caused unproductivity, as operators needed to interfere in the process frequently, increasing setups and reprocessing.

They also caused the production of second quality parts, which often had an even higher cost due to reprocessing, but which were sold for half the price.

Furthermore, the dimensional evaluation test took time and required more fabrics, generating high electricity consumption and high mesh consumption. We therefore recommend the DWM555 Sample Washer, which reduced mesh consumption by 75%, and saved more than R$15 thousand reais per month in electricity and waste and also caused a drastic reduction in rework in production.

If your company is having problems with rework in textile production, we can help you, just as we help Objeto Brasil and many others. Discover our solutions and find out how we can help you!

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