Febratex audience recognizes Delta as a promoter of innovation in the textile sector


Delta Equipamentos’ participation in the 16th edition of Febratex – the largest textile industry fair in the Americas – exceeded expectations.

In our 6th edition and 10th year at the event, we received visits from decision-makers and customers, who in common revealed to us their satisfaction in using or getting to know our equipment and automation processes.

Without a doubt, the four days of the fair recognized our concept of personalized and efficient production in eliminating bottlenecks in the production chain.

We have proven that the use of equipment, processes and management tools developed using Information Technology (IT) provides gains for the industry, from the choice of higher quality raw materials to the final product delivered to consumers.


The new concepts that we have offered to the textile market have contributed to the renewal of the sector as industry 4.0 and, at Febratex – which traditionally presents new launches and highlights the importance of technological innovation for the segment – we received this positive feedback from the companies attended at our stand .

We also heard many statements from businesspeople/decision makers claiming to have known our automation processes before Febratex, when visiting industries that already benefit from solutions designed by Delta Equipamentos.

During the four days of the fair we presented the Knit and Fabric Relaxer RLX 300, Automatic Roll Wrapping Machine and the REV 150 proofreader. Solutions created to optimize production and increase the competitiveness of textile industries in global negotiations.


Our equipment eliminates waste, lack of data and other barriers in the production chain, from weaving to clothing.

Therefore, in addition to being highly praised for their functionality and engineering, they were well received for their design, which reflects the most modern in the sector.



Delta Solutions at Febratex 2018

Knit and Fabric Relaxer RLX300 iConcept Relax: Developed to achieve maximum quality when preparing articles for production scheduling.

It is useful in quality control and the entry of rolls of knitted fabrics into the industry. In addition to having excellent performance in preparing the rolls for wrapping.

Automatic Roll Wrapper EWB700 iConcept Packaging: Offers the latest in mesh/fabric roll packaging processing.

It has technology capable of reducing plastic consumption, which makes it faster and more efficient. It is ideal for distribution centers and sales of knitted fabrics and fabrics in rolls.

REV150 iConcept View Open Mesh Proofreader:The right technology to reduce interference in the final product caused by problems in the raw material.

It guarantees control of costs, quality of parts, and consumer satisfaction.


16th Febratex discusses new technologies and workforce qualification

In this edition, the textile segment of the Americas was represented by more than 3 thousand exhibitors from more than 60 countries.

They displayed cutting-edge cutting, printing and laundry equipment, prospected and closed deals, but also participated in important discussions involving the sector.

Febratex 2018 featured technological seminars and national and international debates.

Some of the discussions were about the need for more technological advances in the Brazilian textile industry – the 4th in the world in industrial technology and the 5th in the clothing segment. Others, regarding the lack of qualified labor.

In search of solutions, the fair took representatives from all sectors of the textile production chain to the pavilions at Parque Vila Germânica (Blumenau) to share information from their members.

Among the participating entities were Senai; Brazilian Association of Textile Technology, Clothing and Fashion (ABTT); Brazilian Association of the Machinery and Equipment Industry (Abimac); and Brazilian Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry (Abit).


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