Discover the advantages of the sublimation calender

Discover the advantages of the sublimation calender

The Sublimation Calender is one of Delta’s latest solutions for the finishing phase. It promotes productivity, optimization and automation. All this, while ensuring quality.

To learn about its characteristics, differences and functionalities, continue reading. Here we have gathered the main information about the machine and the expertise that only Delta offers.

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How does the sublimation calender contribute to the productivity of the textile industry?

The Sublimation Calender (CTM450 – iConcept Print) is a Delta Máquinas Têxteis solution that aims to generate productivity, quality and profitability in the thermotransfer process in the textile industries. This is another one of the machines developed based on the efficiency promoted by the Industry 4.0 Textile concept

It, like other Delta equipment, generates accurate data and information about production capacity.
Thus ensuring competitiveness at a lower cost.

The equipment has a special heating system, generating greater use and uniformity in temperature. All this around the entire circumference of the thermal cylinder.

With the Sublimation Calender it is possible to work on rolls or even cut pieces. And whatever the need, the machine will promote standardization and automation, providing high quality in the final printing process.

The machine also has temperature, size and speed adjustment options. As well, it has several devices to generate total adherence to the companies’ production process.

It is also possible to add some equipment to the machine to promote even more productivity and optimization. Are they:

  • Entrance table;
  • Internal parts conveyor belt;
  • Input unwinder;
  • Anti-static bar;
  • Output winder and aligner.

All the features mentioned above provide high performance for the textile industry! Productivity is one of the ways to optimize production costs, eliminating waste, rework and unnecessary downtime. In addition to being a factor that directly affects the quality of the final product.

That is, the use of updated machines promotes a reduction in production problems, failures and the number of industrial maintenance.
Which, consequently, optimizes processes, and generates savings in time and safety.

It’s simple! An agile, productive and efficient operation ensures high standards and market prominence among the more than 22.5 thousand formal production units across the country, according to Abit.

What are the differences that contribute to the finishing phase?

What are the differences that contribute to the finishing phase?

Taking into account what we saw previously, we can say that, to ensure quality, competitiveness and productivity, investment in machines such as the Sublimation Calender is essential.

This is because its technology and automation promote efficiency aligned with excellence. In the finishing phase, ensuring these factors is essential to promote different gains for the industry.

In other words, one of the advantages of having updated machines for finishing involves ensuring the evolution of processes, making the production line less susceptible to errors.

There is no way to have quality control without talking about modern and efficient machines. After all, the limitations of old machinery reduce the possibility of growing your production.

Therefore, to avoid production problems, unnecessary expenses and reprocessing, it is essential to have a Sublimation Calender.

In summary, the main differences of this machine are:

  • Chrome cylinder for greater productivity;
  • Highly durable 100% Nomex felt;
  • Uniform temperature across the entire face of the cylinder;
  • Adjustments of footage, temperature, speed, etc.;
  • Recipe configuration via HMI;
  • Heating system with automatic startup;
  • Cooling system with automatic stop;
  • NoBreak system that prevents losses in the event of a power outage;
  • Work options: roll/roll; piece/roll or piece/piece;
  • Guarantee of process standardization and automation.

As we have seen, it is not difficult to combine high productivity with quality and cost reduction.
All you need to do is invest in modern machines that were produced with the aim of promoting the complete evolution of the textile industry.

With all the functionalities and characteristics of the Sublimation Calender, it is possible to ensure profitability for the entire sector.

To learn more details and understand how this intelligent Delta Máquinas Têxteis solution works, watch the video below.


Understand how Delta Máquinas Têxteis guarantees excellence

Understand how Delta Máquinas Têxteis guarantees excellence

Here at Delta Máquinas Têxteis we are committed to developing efficient machines, equipment and processes for the entire national and international textile sector.

We are experts in the search for a new way of thinking about industrial production. Therefore, our solutions are aimed at optimizing operations through automation, increasing productivity and reducing waste.

We develop innovative products and personalized solutions for the most diverse needs at each stage of the textile production process. Such as weaving, knitting, manufacturing and finishing – and as we have seen, the Sublimation Calender is a great example of intelligent equipment for this phase.

Our product portfolio is ideal for optimizing costs and increasing the speed of operations. Always with great safety, as well as reducing failures and risks to quality.

We guarantee 100% Brazilian technologies that maximize the success of the entire textile industry. We are also present and revolutionizing the sector scenario in Latin America.

To achieve this, we have extremely qualified professionals who collaborate with prevention, monitoring and decisive guidance for the industry. Our entire team is aligned with the most different market trends.

After all, our main mission, and great differentiator, is precisely to deliver real results to our clients. Therefore, we offer reliable products and services that are consistent with your demands.

We also provide installation support and routine monitoring. This way, we guarantee the best performance and yield of the machines.

Our technical experience and market knowledge allows us to offer an increase of up to 30% in productivity, in addition to a reduction of up to 80% in problems with raw materials and full tracking of process interferences.

We provide consultancy for your production cycle, developing solutions for your needs. All of this with fast, agile and efficient service, based on all the excellence of the 4.0 concept.

Count on Delta expertise!

The Sublimation Calender is another Delta solution that generates efficiency and productivity in the finishing phase.

We believe that the development of the sector is driven by innovation and, therefore, we contribute to each advance in this direction. Thus, we further increase quality and excellence through textile technology.
Always prosperous and sustainable!

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