4 strategies to produce more while spending less in the textile industry

Competition in the textile segment is fierce, with several companies of different sizes trying to stand out and, at the same time, reduce production costs.

It is a challenge for the textile industries to produce more, deliver quality, with a difference and reduce costs.

We will help you, as there are strategies that can help your company achieve this goal.


How can the industry make more profit?

Reducing production costs can mean greater profits for the industry.

This profit can be converted to improve processes, invest in machines and even increase the number of employees.

Understanding where you are wasting money will help reduce expenses, this path may require adaptations to the production line.

For example, by discovering that waste may be coming from a process that is requiring more fabric than necessary, a few centimeters of fabric can be saved by optimizing the process and increasing its efficiency.

It may seem like little, however, throughout the month these few centimeters become meters.

With this example, we can see how small savings in the textile production process can represent the leap your company needs in terms of growth.


4 strategies to produce more while spending less

Below, check out some strategies that will help reduce costs when producing textile items, helping to optimize your production.

In other words, they will help your company produce more while spending less, increasing profit at the end of the month.

1. Map where the waste is

strategies to produce more

The first step to reducing production costs is to identify where the main material waste is in your company.

How to map waste?

  • Analyze the processes and steps;
  • Identify in which processes the most fabric and material is used;
  • How long does it take to develop textile items;
  • And which items have the highest output and best value for money.

This in-depth analysis is essential to develop specific strategies for your company and to identify areas for improvement in your processes.



2. Invest in technology

The difference between companies that can manufacture on a large scale at a reduced cost and those that have high production costs is investment in technology.

One of the crucial points for producing more while spending less is technological support in industrial processes. Having systems integrated into machines provides cost reduction with just a few clicks on the computer.

Modern machines are capable of optimizing the production process, freeing professionals to focus on more important activities, while making the manufacturing stages more agile.

This way it is possible to produce on a large scale with reduced costs, increasing the company’s profit.



3. Planning and control in industry

When deciding to manufacture a textile item, it is crucial to analyze whether it is financially viable, carry out planning and quality control for production.

To carry out this process, some companies do calculations in a table or carry out a pilot project.

Today, with technology it is possible to automate the technical data sheet and visualize the pre-costing of the textile item.

With the modernization of quality control it is also possible to increase the industry’s production capacity, which can transform manual processes and achieve faster stages.


E-book]How to ensure quality control in the textile industry?


4. Qualified team

The process of seeking efficiency and controlling production costs requires a team aligned with the industry’s purposes.

It is important to promote autonomy so that each professional can propose solutions and improvements in the production stages in which they work.

After all, this professional already knows the process well and knows how day-to-day work works. Another important point is training your team.

A qualified team will make the most of all the features and tools that are made available. It is essential that these professionals participate and propose adaptations to the company’s objectives.


Benefits of implementing the 4 strategies to produce more while spending less in your industry

Putting the 4 strategies mentioned above into practice in your industry brings countless benefits, see some of them:

  • Improving the final quality of products
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Waste reduction

With these strategies it is possible to stand out in the segment, develop your differential and produce more at a lower cost, guaranteeing greater profit at the end of the month.


Delta - textile technology to produce more



Technological investment and qualified staff are one of the crucial factors for companies that want to stand out in the segment and reduce their production costs.

These strategies are watersheds between industries that grow every day and those that cannot scale their productivity. Which side does your industry want to be on?

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